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  2. New Jersey

    New Jersey

    Who's nearby?
  3. W

    Can anyone make gifs, fakes or videos of my girl with BBC

    I have quite a few good headshots I’m looking to get fakes made can you help?
  4. Kingbean3

    Kingbean gifs pt2

  5. PDX333

    Jlongdaddy Appreciation Thread

    Just a thread to share edits and general appreciation for @Jlongdaddy who is keeping the world's wives, girlfriends and just plain horny women satisfied with his monster member.
  6. Idkohio4

    Gifs I’ve Made

    These are gifs I’ve made. Any suggestions / recommendations are welcomed.
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    My wife taking bbc
  8. Angenvy

    NYC/LI hotwife seeking BBC

    hmu if interested and very hung will not consider anyone without photos in their profile or in message/chat I do travel, but only for select individuals, primarily looking for locals
  9. sean2020

    Simply good, passionate, sensual, erotic and hot interracial GIF´S

  10. Magnum condom wrapper stuck to my butt 😝

    Magnum condom wrapper stuck to my butt 😝

    wrapper stuck to my ass while we were fucking
  11. nicoleta

    I would love to be in her place

    would you like to be in her place? Post gifs no pictures. How would you like to see your wife?I would like to be in her place
  12. C

    please photoshop or gif to my wife

    I've been waiting for all your photoshop, gif, video, cumshot and tribute images about my wife
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  14. Riding gif

    Riding gif

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  16. uploads-18.gif


  17. uploads-4.gif


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  19. POV


    Let's make a movie :p
  20. Your turn to pull em down

    Your turn to pull em down