1. Getting ready to feed her BBC

    Getting ready to feed her BBC

    Friend of mine decided she wanted a second try. she got the full experience. I’ll record round 2. 😉 😜 😘
  2. Simple But Complex

    24 year old willing and ready!

  3. Cuffed, tamed and owned

    Cuffed, tamed and owned

    Naughty blonde serving the BBCs from both ends
  4. MrWonderfulness

    Me And Your Wife When…?

  5. Simple But Complex

    ***Cheating slut wife in Virginia***

    Message her directly if interested! (757) removed by staff
  6. Simple But Complex

    Slut looking for use! MD., NY., PA., or DC. Areas

  7. New York FuckToy

    New York FuckToy

  8. 9FB1D1FE-1DA9-4CF6-A428-A8E515E17CA4.jpeg


    I’m your Fuck Toy if you have a big black cock 😘
  9. My fucktoy

    My fucktoy

    Going up to get used
  10. Sweet as honey

    Sweet as honey

  11. BE1570CE-B37D-4719-8734-D14359692B36.jpeg


    Using her big toy to mock cuck me…
  12. Desperate Fucktoy.jpg

    Desperate Fucktoy.jpg

    Young blonde whore desperate to be gaped by stallion black cocks. Use me like the submissive fucktoy I am!
  13. Fucktoy.jpg


    I'm just a toy to use, break and throw away
  14. SemperDominus

    She Came Like a Good Toy..

    She was stripped naked.
Her holes were probed and stretched.
She was inspected inside and out.
Her hair was pulled, and grabbed.
Her face was slapped. She was positioned on all fours
Her mouth was stretched.
She was turned out to others.
She collected colors, welts snd bruises.
She wore the...
  15. 20210812_160023.jpg


    @ShePrefersBlac , exactly as it says "MO'S MARRIED WHORE" Happy Anniversary my hot fuck toy 🖤🖤
  16. I’m your fuck toy

    I’m your fuck toy

  17. Tie Her Up & do naughty things to Her!

    Tie Her Up & do naughty things to Her!

    Tie Her Up & do naughty things to Her! How do She look as a little rope bunny 🐰?
  18. Owned Fucktoy Slut

    Owned Fucktoy Slut

    Such a devoted little fuckslut. Don’t hold back the tears and the screams. I want to hear your pain and pleasure as I ruin you completely. I will fuck you like no one else can, taking you to new levels of pleasure. Changing your life with my cock. I’m too kind!
  19. 38A8E363-859F-4CD3-8963-9E4F75DB210A.jpeg


    All women should be in this position to serve their master/bull