forced bi

  1. L

    ****** bi

    Why does my wife love to see her bulls make me suck their BBC’s when they come over to fuck her. Especially if they pull out of her and shove it in my mouth to cum. This drives her wild. Is this common?
  2. Lild3m0nnn

    Serving the BNWO

    Wanting to chat with either former or wannabe white bois who want to be a cuckold ( or more ) and serve the BNWO . Looking to train you as my BNWO bitch boi/sissy slut . My name is Chloe and I am owned by a BNWO house serving as their Slut. I identify as a Domme/Mommy Switch as I am very...
  3. C

    ****** Bi, No Oral

    One of my biggest fetishes is ******-bi and encouraged-bi. But one of my biggest turn-off's is male-on-male-oral. Its a wild contradiction, I know. But the heart wants what the heart wants. I'm looking for interracial ******-bi content (captions, erotica, and videos) that don't include, or...
  4. Bigdickrj23

    Wife helping me fuck her hubby after i fucked her.

    fucked my buddys wife , then she made him take my cock after her , they both gave me blowjobs
  5. Jessiebbc

    I want my bf to suck a big black cock for me!!! but he wont...:(

    Someone should text him and make him a sissy bbc cock sucker. Make him crave big black cock like i do!!! that would be so much fun. Degrading him, humiliating him, turn him into my peronal black cock cuckold!!! haha so much fun. Lets see what you guys would say. The craziest message i will post...
  6. C

    Goddess wanted

    I want to worship you and your pussy. I want to clean your cream pie. I want to sniff your wet panties. I want you to peg me and humiliate me. I want to wait on your every whim and do anything you demand. N