first time

  1. A

    Update: Still slowly moving forward. Need advice.

    Hello all. I’ve posted here before and have learned a ton from you guys about the lifestyle. I wanted to give an update on where we are and get some advice. My wife is usually very reserved and when I brought up hotwifing, she said no but... NYE, we had the most amazing sex. She wanted tied up...
  2. Latina Hotwife Gets my BBC @ Swinger Party

    Latina Hotwife Gets my BBC @ Swinger Party

    There’s a myth that every black guy is some 6’+ black stud with a million dollar smile and a 9” BBC. But go to a party, and that ain’t necessarily the case. So when a sexy, younger Latina wants her first experience to be perfect, who does she invite to the room? 😉 Want to see more? DM me
  3. Plugvidz

    Real stories of when you were a girls first BBC

    Im curious to hear about everyones experience being someones first BBC. Please REAL stories only!
  4. HelenOfTrois

    The Professor

    It was my first time with a black man. I was a quiet graduate student, buried in the books. He was a visiting professor. I hadn't had a date in months. One evening I went to a lecture at the university, and there he was -- tall, thick, voice as smooth as butter. I got wet just listening to his...
  5. Who is she?

    Who is she?

    Beautiful brunette with black nails gets her first BBC. Husband is filming.
  6. She is so ready

    She is so ready

    What do you think?
  7. GingerQueen

    Looking around Dothan Al for BBC

    We are new to this so really dont know if we should be asking for a bull, stud, or stallion. We are not the cuck and Queen but into watching each other with someone else. My fantasy is BBC and I will say it looks amazing. I hope this request doesn't seem strange but I want to ease myself in this...
  8. First BBC 13

    First BBC 13

  9. First BBC 11

    First BBC 11

  10. First BBC 10

    First BBC 10

  11. First BBC 7

    First BBC 7

  12. First BBC 3

    First BBC 3

  13. First BBC 2

    First BBC 2

  14. First BBC 1

    First BBC 1

  15. That Good Dick Teaser

    That Good Dick Teaser

    Josie tease, loving that BBC
  16. N

    The first time - The unforgettable moment

    Every couples know that the emotions involved in the first time are very special and can’t be compared. Lets share with us your memories about this incredible moment, pictures, video, sound, real stories and any other thing that can make the newbies to feel all your sensations about the first time.
  17. V

    Is it finally happening?

    Girl friend went out with an older guy she met on tinder last week but nothing happened, I think they are both ready now so I’m expecting a slew of photos/videos and a nice stretched out pussy to reclaim when she gets home. :ROFLMAO: so excited Any advice for us for our first time? Any safety...
  18. Pleasing.mp4


    First black cock for us... First wife for him... It was unforgettable for all uf us.
  19. When Hotwive's come 2 Vegas..

    When Hotwive's come 2 Vegas..

    Just recently met AppleValleyQoS!!!When they came to Vegas to meet me.She was very Shy and Sexy.Hence, the cropped pic.Incredible experience, her Head game was Intense!!!