first time

  1. Pleasing.mp4


    First black cock for us... First wife for him... It was unforgettable for all uf us.
  2. When Hotwive's come 2 Vegas..

    When Hotwive's come 2 Vegas..

    Just recently met this Amazing couple.When they came to Vegas to meet me.She was very Shy and Sexy.Hence, the cropped pic.Incredible experience, her Head game was Intense!!!
  3. Wedding ring....jpg

    Wedding ring....jpg

    Wedding ring...
  4. HotnwestTX

    Wrong place

  5. First Time BBC

    First Time BBC

    Older BBC gives her first
  6. cute amateur teen first bbc guidinghand

    cute amateur teen first bbc guidinghand

    cute amateur teen first bbc guidinghand
  7. birmxyxxx


    Just joined, hope profile explains what looking for, all new to us- exciting !! Profile pic us and pic below her
  8. C

    My mature wife cuckold me at a nightclub

    want to thank you for the great memories that I have when you gave my white wife the fucking of her life. Watching your BBC giving her orgasm after orgasm was almost more than I could stand. I am posting this because I am hoping that maybe you will read this and want to give her again the...
  9. Young Wife Fucks Older BBC

    Young Wife Fucks Older BBC

    57 y/o BBC fucks barely legal Wife and it's her first time...
  10. RhodyMass BBC

    I heard y’all black boys had big cocks

    At work I jumped on the internet and seen this lol
  11. Dredeep

    Ladies. Your first time?

    Short clip attached of a young wife filling with excitement talking about her potential first time with a black man. The giggles, stuttering and the school girl body language really turned me on. This tells me she is really to be dominated, just how I like them. She goes into detail of what he...
  12. First BBC

    First BBC

    Having fun with this beautiful piece of a girl. White girl with tight pussy and ass. First time taking a BBC both holes.
  13. O

    My Cuck Future?

    Hello, tomorrow is the big day and my girlfriend will hopyfully finally have sex with a real man - a black man :):sex: Now I guess things are going to change in the relationship between me and her. Do you guys have any advices for me how to behave or what to do in future to make sure she loves...
  14. GmanAllDay

    Gf first time

  15. SouthhungLos

    Wife is Ready for her first Gangbang

    Well so my wife has decided she is ready for her first BBC Gangbang, we have been discussing this for awile And We feel like this will be a wonderful experience, Please PM and let us know what yall think
  16. Sometimes you need a helping hand to get that hotdog down

    Sometimes you need a helping hand to get that hotdog down

  17. B

    My girlfriend wants to be black owned

    My girlfriend and I have been into cuckolding for years now so we definately know what we want but F hasn't had her first black cock yet. It is something she fantasises about alot, she wants to fuck only black cock and perhaps even lock my cock up in the future as she doesn't want to fuck white...
  18. bellnyc

    First Time

    I remember my first time Inviting a Bull over to fuck my girl (ex now) I was 22 she was 19. It took place in a Recording Studio that I own and lived in at the time fully equipped with a Sound booth, Engineer booth and a King bed by the windows. We put up an add on Craigslist something like "Fat...
  19. Y

    Looking for first time

    Hey there, Any BBC in New England want to teach a first timer to suck a cock. I have been fantasizing about it for quite some time now, and really want to make it happen. I want some big black cock to fuck my throat, and I want to see how much of it I can get
  20. Tiny Young Wife and Husband

    Tiny Young Wife and Husband

    Husband enjoying my pussy on trip. My pussy is already so tight for him... how tight would it be to you??