first time

  1. SouthhungLos

    Wife is Ready for her first Gangbang

    Well so my wife has decided she is ready for her first BBC Gangbang, we have been discussing this for awile And We feel like this will be a wonderful experience, Please PM and let us know what yall think
  2. Sometimes you need a helping hand to get that hotdog down

    Sometimes you need a helping hand to get that hotdog down

  3. B

    My girlfriend wants to be black owned

    My girlfriend and I have been into cuckolding for years now so we definately know what we want but F hasn't had her first black cock yet. It is something she fantasises about alot, she wants to fuck only black cock and perhaps even lock my cock up in the future as she doesn't want to fuck white...
  4. bellnyc

    First Time

    I remember my first time Inviting a Bull over to fuck my girl (ex now) I was 22 she was 19. It took place in a Recording Studio that I own and lived in at the time fully equipped with a Sound booth, Engineer booth and a King bed by the windows. We put up an add on Craigslist something like "Fat...
  5. Y

    Looking for first time

    Hey there, Any BBC in New England want to teach a first timer to suck a cock. I have been fantasizing about it for quite some time now, and really want to make it happen. I want some big black cock to fuck my throat, and I want to see how much of it I can get
  6. Tiny Young Wife and Husband

    Tiny Young Wife and Husband

    Husband enjoying my pussy on trip. My pussy is already so tight for him... how tight would it be to you??
  7. Tiny Young Wife

    Tiny Young Wife

    I’m 5’5, 120 lbs, and 24 years old. I have never had a black cock! Do you think it will fit??
  8. F

    Best friend fucked my gf

    Sup guys! Just wanted to introduce ourselves we are a couple new to this lifestyle..It has been a long time fantasy of mine that my gf cheats on me and it finally happened.My friend fucked her for like 2 hours at his place.He is my childhood friend.It was the best feeling to feel her loose pussy...
  9. First time wife was shared

    First time wife was shared

  10. S

    First time in school

    My wife Debbie told me this. She was a cheerleader in school. The school had racial tension at that time. There was a rumor white girls should not go to a certain girls bathroom, it was off limits. One day her friend came to her upset. She told her she went into the forbidden bathroom...
  11. Michael mad

    Trying to find the right bull 6/17

    Hey everyone thanks for all the interest and messages. We've been very busy this week with work but are still looking for a meet this Saturday in the dc, Maryland, va, we, or southern pa area. If we've been in contact some and you're still interested please shoot me another message. Any extra...
  12. rock

    The way it should have happened

    My husband John wrote this using my point of view and this is the way he would have wanted me to have my first black cock. This could have very well happened if John had done the things he did in the story. Phyliss We are Phyliss and John, we are both 24 years old and we have a daughter...
  13. Michael mad

    Seeking a well hung black man in the dc area

    My girlfriend and I are looking to bring in a hung black man for a threesome and one on one sex. We're new to this so nervous but I hope we find the right person. Looking for a man between 25-40 who is well hung and can host near the dc area.
  14. L

    18 Y/O Tight & Perky Latina Girlfriend NEEDS BBC

    Currently in the process of finding my shy horny 18 Y/O girlfriend a Black Bull 9" or longer to please her sexual needs in ways that i cant lol No matter how hard i fuck her or for how long (she can go for hours) she still cant cum, shes nice enough to come up with different excuses being tired...
  15. Seeing if anybody is interested.

    Seeing if anybody is interested.

    New to the cuckold seen. Just testing the waters.
  16. V

    ...Indian wife actually might be into BBC's

    New to this site. Reason I made this account is to look for advice and more importantly to look for a BBC! Here is a little more info on us.. Me and my wife have been together for 8 years now. She is roughly 115 pounds, light brown skin, petite 34C breasts, firm and shaped ass (she squats)...
  17. G

    New couple in atl looking for her a bbc for my birthday

    Hey there, newer member here. My GF and i will be in ATL on the weekend of FEB 10th. I would love to find her a very large bbc to fuck her all night as a present to me. Shes had big cocks before, i just really wanna see her being fucked deeper and in ways i never will be able to. If any real...
  18. K

    Sarah has a date!!

    Sarah came home yesterday all excited and when we got a chance to talk she told me she had lunch with Ben again (black guy she has been flirting with at work) and they arranged to go on a date tomorrow night. Ben has been very clear in his intentions and has told Sarah he fully intends to fuck...
  19. B

    BBC for threesome around philly

    Not interested
  20. Caramel M

    Cuckold couple seeking black BULL in Los Angeles

    Hello everyone, we a straight male/female couple interested in beginning a cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. We are seeking an adult black male in his 20s or 30s for sexual encounters. We will be asking questions, making sure health is up to date, and whether we make a good fit. We are seeking genuine...