1. Thick enough?

    Thick enough?

    Over 6inches around and not exactly fully hard lol is this girthy enough ?
  2. IMG_2821.MOV


    Morning hard wood 🤦🏾‍♂️😩
  3. IMG_0297.MP4


    Heavy Set
  4. G


  5. Thickking20

    It's all about the girth

    Let me feel you
  6. freeconcept2

    About my self

    Hi there ! I'm new here. What I should say about myself? I'm a black african guy that is fantasizing about white girls and indians since I was young. I still love pleasing white girls passing fun time. I'm tall, 1.96 m (6.43f). My hands, my feet and I think my cock :) are proportional to my...
  7. B

    text messages

    good friends talking about the biggest she dick had ill ad pics of her later another story i asked if she's seen any of her friends fuck i ask her the next day to show me how thick they were