1. S

    some basic fakes I made for another guy

  2. J


    Making Deepfakes for your satisfaction. Send PM with Pics of her and where you want to see her in :qos:
  3. C

    Photoshop, capotion, tribute whatever you like

    Please do whatever you like to do with my wife, some photo's where she have some different ages.
  4. E

    Fake my wife

    Can someone please Black my girl? Would love to see her taking a nice BBC in multiple ways. More than one BBC is a plus! Thank you!
  5. E

    Deepfake, bimbofy, cumshop, webm, trans edit, etc…

    Hello all! I’m in search of your talented wizards that are good at fakes. Looking for anything listed in the title. Can’t wait to see what you all are able to do! Thanks in advance!
  6. S


    Any one willing to do perfect fake for my gf?????she Wanna see how she will look....... Description :shy, reluctant.... Chubby hips ,fair complexion, light brown eyes,pink lips rounded chick , 125 lbs .....age 24 Inbox 😉
  7. M

    Fake her getting abused and used please!!

    I will send fucking videos and anything else u want if u do
  8. jooyy

    New free IA to fake real women

    i found this new free AI and was testing it to create fakes; First I tried it with my girlfriend. the results were really good so i tried it with celebrities and it worked too. Results in the next post. Also, the IA is: https://app.vana.com/ it's free and easy to use. Every email allows 19...
  9. N

    (AI art) wife with black guys

    elegant milf encounters black studs in dream (or just dream?)
  10. L

    LittleLinn used by BBC (showcase of fakes made for me)

    I have a contact that has helped me to explore my dirtiest BBC gangbang fantasies;) And i like to share with the group here ;) In fact it was a little bit of an order to post here ;) Its so hot because i can really see that it is me, but i still feel safe to post here because it differs a...
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    Wife's fake tits
  12. received_1017695845631480.jpeg


    My wife's fake tits
  13. S

    fake my wife

    Fake her please
  14. LeoCocu

    My young wyfe faked

    Juste wife where she want go 💘💋
  15. LeoCocu

    Take my young and sexy girlfriend (fake, tribute,...)

    I want give you my gf give me tribute or fake my lords
  16. S


    my wife faked
  17. directclick

    Can someone fake or cum tribute my asian wife being gangbang so I can show her?

    Really looking for some good fake/cum tributes to show my wife, love her shocking expression. **UPDATE 2023...added VIDEO COLLAGE PLEASE CHECK AND SEND SOME TRIBS.
  18. C

    Fake my wife please

    Looking for anyone to fake my wife with bbc and cumshots
  19. IMG_6274-w.jpg


  20. fakeray

    Photoshop Fakes and Video DEEP FAKES (Open for requests)

    Hey guys Just gonna post some of my fakes: