eating out

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    Love the taste of white pussy
  2. Prime the Pump

    Prime the Pump

    Got to get her wet. Oral comes standard in a good lover.
  3. That sauna session got hot

    That sauna session got hot

  4. Who Wants a Taste?

    Who Wants a Taste?



    Chicago hot wife, getting tongue fucc'd by yours truly....yummmy I love licking white twat and ass
  6. Hungry? Why wait?

    Hungry? Why wait?

  7. Imagine what a BBC would do...

    Imagine what a BBC would do...

  8. Eating pussy

    Eating pussy

    I think she likes it
  9. Got2

    Clean Up Duty: A Guide

    Clean Up Duty: Husband’s Job, Wife’s Pleasure, Bull’s Dominance A Constructive Guide There are many threads on this site discussing the role of the Cuckold and his duties. A theme that comes up many times is that of performing oral sex on the wife after she has been inseminated by her Bull...