1. STLPipe314


    Is it just me or does it make you bust faster than normal? Is it the friction inside one hole or what? I personally love DVP
  2. vdnH2Nd.jpg


  3. 2 BBCs in her pussy

    2 BBCs in her pussy

    18" of BBC in her pussy
  4. 2 BBCs in her pussy

    2 BBCs in her pussy

  5. Getting ready to give her DVP

    Getting ready to give her DVP

    Pushing in
  6. Kat and Donovan

    Midwest anyone?

    Hey we are a couple looking for some group fun. Females, couples, single men. Just message it you are in the area. Will give more details then
  7. fiancesfirsttime

    Has anyone here tried DV with BBC ?

    My girl is turned on by the thought of taking two at the same time. Just wondering if anyone here has tried that? The thought of it turns me on quite a bit.
  8. fiancesfirsttime

    Webcam chat with wife as first step to cuckolding

    I would like to set up a webcam session with a bbc and my Fiance as a first step. I think that if she got her feet wet like this, she would be more comfortable with going through with the full meal deal. I would love to see her fuck herself with her black dildo on cam for a bbc, while he...
  9. Bloops

    Any BBC willing to travel to South America?

    Hi, everyone! We're a couple from South America looking for a black stud who can travel to our country. This is my girlfriend. She wants to try a bbc for the first time. She's willing to do it all: anal, dp, gangbang, bukkake, dvp, dap. So if you'd like to have some fun, joing us! Tell us...
  10. Bloops

    Hi! I'm Bloops!

    Hi, I'm a 25 year old woman from a country that I cannot specify. Where I live there are no colour peolpe (I hope I'm not being offensive). I have this crazy fantasy of being fucked vaginally and then anally by a big black stud with his bbc pounding me 'till I cum. All that in front of my cuck...
  11. Elelator_Cpl

    Bi married couple looking for bi guy or bi couples in Raleigh, NC area

    Hi, if you are a nice, intelligent, friendly, funny and just 'normal' bi comfortable (e.g. OK with receiving oral) guy that is in the Raleigh, NC area and would like to play with a bi couple, please drop us a note. We really enjoy just average guys and couples, and aren't looking for some sort...