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  2. Santastorm121

    Gf had 5 bigger cocks then me

    My girlfriend and I had spilt up for some time because she was sick of how things were and she just wanted to party and get used We hadn't been talking but she messaged me and told me she was going to an interview with 2 bbcs from the highschool we went to and she knew we both knew I told her...
  3. Never again

    Never again

    I was so fucking wasted on Bacardi that I couldn’t even enjoy that beautiful cock. I passed out. Never again.
  4. 14 inch black dick beats that white pussy up

    14 inch black dick beats that white pussy up

  5. BNJ4BBC

    TRUE STORY: Halloween 2015 at Swingers Club

    For Halloween we decided to go to a local swingers club called Encounters. We hadn't visited in a long time and knew there was a big cover charge for single guys that night. We thought that would mean more couples and less single men. She was in the mood to play with another women. I had a few...