1. .******* white college couple with older Black Man

    .******* white college couple with older Black Man

    ******* slut Snowbunny GF takes home a Black Man they met at the party, she become even more crazy and riding him in front of her BF. She doesn't stop cumming on BBC and talking dirty of, throughout the video. In the end gets what she wanted from the beginning
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  3. E6D5D3B9-66A5-4A46-8E38-B6C954FBD27C.png


    About to fuck my girlfriend
  4. IMG_0241.jpeg


    My ******* girlfriend on the couch after I spanked her.
  5. Blowjob after a wild party

    Blowjob after a wild party

    If you can’t tell this was after micha had been fucked for a few hours and was in her last leg. Any other women get like this after a BBC group party
  6. R

    First Timer nightime intro ramblings

    Hello and how do you folks do? First time in such a forum, and after several years of waffling, I have been teased forth inti this strange new world of my kink. Due to health issues, I have not actually pursued much in ways of sexual acts, but now well into ny adulthood, I started to fall down...
  7. ******* hotwife having good time

    ******* hotwife having good time

  8. Tacosauce33

    BBW wife completely submits to massive BBC in Redondo beach hotel

    First off let me describe my beautiful wife. She is a shorter latina milf with big DD breasts, an ass so phat you have to walk around it. She has big beautiful brown eyes, long brown hair. The wife and I were on vacation in the L.A area in October. We had originally posted on BtoW for a meetup...
  9. SloppyBlowjob.jpeg


    @BlackInLA The food and wine were great, the drinking (tequila!) and dancing were so much fun… hope the sloppy, drunken, out door blowjob was at least ok lol!
  10. bbc n latin couple

    bbc n latin couple

    cpl invited me over 2 there hotel after me responding 2 their craigsl ad.apparently the wife likes 2 get black out ******* and anon fucked while *******.so the husband pretty much helped me bang his ******* wife, which its odd 4 me anytime the husband is there but at least theyre consent so cool
  11. Two white girls and one BBC

    Two white girls and one BBC

  12. IMG_2485.mp4


    Black bull domination Making slutty girl black cock ******* lol Then squirts all over
  13. Carla4bbc

    My husband get *******...soo...

    Firstable sorry for my English. I'm Latina. , We were on vacations, at a party, my husband get ******* He lost himself, i couldn't found him for around 20 minutes, we didn't know any body at the party, and there it was this elegant big black man that was watching me all the night, I was extremely...
  14. Blonde Slut Suck on her first BBC

    Blonde Slut Suck on her first BBC

    Blonde Slut Suck on her first BBC
  15. 1

    Weird fetish might be a cuck;what to do?

    Me and my wife have been married for almost a year now. Before that we had been dating for 4. Before I met her the idea of interracial sex weirded me out. One night we got ******* and I asked her if she’d ever been with a black man, and she said yes. It grossed me out at first, but over the last 3...
  16. S

    Gf had 5 bigger cocks then me

    My girlfriend and I had spilt up for some time because she was sick of how things were and she just wanted to party and get used We hadn't been talking but she messaged me and told me she was going to an interview with 2 bbcs from the highschool we went to and she knew we both knew I told her...
  17. Never again

    Never again

    I was so fucking wasted on Bacardi that I couldn’t even enjoy that beautiful cock. I *******. Never again.
  18. 14 inch black dick beats that white pussy up

    14 inch black dick beats that white pussy up

  19. B

    TRUE STORY: Halloween 2015 at Swingers Club

    For Halloween we decided to go to a local swingers club called Encounters. We hadn't visited in a long time and knew there was a big cover charge for single guys that night. We thought that would mean more couples and less single men. She was in the mood to play with another women. I had a few...