1. A

    What is your 'ice-breaker'?

    Is there any special elixir that gives you courage at the first meeting with someone new? If so, what is it?
  2. Alicebitch

    Help and tell us please, the best place for this three-week summer vacation for three

    Hello good night all black friends We, my two female friends and I, a friend, recommended us to return to Jamaica. Two years ago, we were in Negril, now he recommends us to go further north of the island, to Montego Bay. We want to know new areas or countries, in Negril, lots of fun, and...
  3. Robbiew87

    Anyone from ky looking for some fun.

    Ky "couple" Open to anything..
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    Cougar sucks black dick and drinks cum

  5. B

    First time drinking black sperm

    . I am the first experience to ******* black semen, any suggestions? I am with my girlfriend