1. LaTina Hotwife returns for more BBC

    LaTina Hotwife returns for more BBC

    Previously linked up with LaTina Hotwife from here, she wanted more BBC, so had Allan do the deed this time. It's hot when a husband sends his wife by herself to get BBC. This is what ensued. Full Scene in Link on Profile.
  2. U

    How to become culkold husband

    Hi good day, me and my wife already married for 1 year. She is religious teacher but very open in sexual communication. She know about my crazy culkold fantasy each time i have talk about that and she just fantasy and said her cannot do that. i attached my wife pictures. She is wearing...
  3. Personal hostage.

    Personal hostage.

    BBC at work. Sexual games what we would like to see them?
  4. F

    Making my bi fantasies reality (UK)

    Hi all Good looking, secretly bi, 30yo guy in London here. Very active heterosexually but seem compelled to succumb to a powerful black cock. Even pictures of beautiful black cocks make me hard now and the thought of sucking, swallowing and being dominated and bred by multiple huge black...
  5. U

    Submissive Couple

    We are matured submissive couple. For the past 30 years, since we first met, we have been fantasizing about being dominated by men and/or women. Hubby has a small cock (5.5 inches fully erect) while wify is very sexual. We do not want to dominate each others. It always have been both of us being...
  6. M

    I want to play a game!

    Hello! I guess it is time for me to say hello!
  7. freeconcept2


    Last year in Meridian Hotel I saw a white girl telling to a black man who works in the hotel some racist words. I was so angry but I didn't react. I plan to seduce her for giving her a good lesson. Next day, I was installing a wireless computer network in the hotel in the morning I was in the...
  8. MasterMack

    Master Mack & Sexy Asian Slut(canada)

    Seeking submissive bi curious female for something unique message me ??