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  1. She Loves the Head (literally figuratively)

    She Loves the Head (literally figuratively)

    Mexicana sucks bbc
  2. M

    Hotwife deepthroat talent show

    Havent found a thread like this yet, so I figured I might as well make it, I wanna make a thread where the Black Bulls can see and judge the best Hotwife deepthroat skills on B2W. Only requirements are Videos and/or pictures for All submissions, and Original content only. Lets get it started, I...
  3. James Moody

    Your Foreplay Menu

    We discuss a lot about foreplay (foreplay being whatever is done before the act of stroking the pussy with the dick). For some, it’s great to have, it’s a waste of time to have, give me more, give me less, etc., etc. We often discuss particular acts of foreplay, typically kissing. After that...
  4. She enjoyed some BBC. I'm located in Sarasota, Fl

    She enjoyed some BBC. I'm located in Sarasota, Fl

    I am located in Sarasota, Fl. If you aren't close to the area, or plan on meeting up, please don't message me. If you can't verify with pictures, I will block all communications with you.
  5. Sue -03b.jpg

    Sue -03b.jpg

    Pic from earlier this year (2020) with my friend Sue. One of my favorite QOS type women. Sexy as hell and knows how to take care of a dick.
  6. 2013_0312 -036(Head).JPG

    2013_0312 -036(Head).JPG

    Pic I did many years back with Miss Bubbles (@callmebubbles74). One of the most well trained women I have ever met.
  7. Video Record 17.06.2020 0847.mp4

    Video Record 17.06.2020 0847.mp4

    Some women just have power over mens hearts! I swear it's true!
  8. dick and balls suck

    dick and balls suck

  9. Arianna Steele

    Arianna Steele

    I think she may have enjoyed this just as much as I did 😏
  10. Arianna Steele

    Arianna Steele

    Her mouth was amazing. She was able to fit a good amount of it in.
  11. BFCF7C76-6FB8-448C-9178-D0FCE618402B.jpeg


    Head game
  12. Road head

    Road head

  13. Sucking BBC in slow motion

    Sucking BBC in slow motion