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    978 (1).jpg

    Night out
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    Rdy for you
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    Need more cum
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  6. Y

    Advice on introducing the idea to a girl

    Hey everyone (part 1) This is not about sex per se, it is about genuinely trying to make the fantasy a reality. Before I proceed, I am not saying this in arrogance, I'm adding it because it's relevant information. I am a good looking white male from USA living in Spain; who has a deep seated...
  7. thunder2004

    She keeps asking to be shared (Los Angeles)

    Please send good pics when inquiring. She wants some huge meat to slobber on and she hasn’t been shy about it lately. Literally begging to be resized.
  8. Bulls cake.jpeg

    Bulls cake.jpeg

  9. T

    Hola quien es de California

    Hola quien es de California Long Beach