1. eddx

    Sucking the bulls ass while cumin

    Suck the bulls ass while he cums in your wife's pussy , I would love this then get a warm BJ from hubby
  2. bigragingbull

    Budapest and Prague roll call

    Any couples in Budapest or prune interested in bulls drop your location here
  3. B

    Uk Cuck chat

    Any UK cucks want to chat about their situation open to cucks and those on the the sideline wanting to find ways to come out of the closet so to speak .
  4. Ryguy86

    South Jersey Cucks

    Any other bi cucks in south jersey? Looking to join in watching your wife or gf fuck bbc. Good-looking white bi guy here.
  5. C

    Looking for cuckolds and bulls to share experiences, advances, and create friendships

    I'm a cuckold but I don't have any friends in the lifestyle. I want to change that. Who wants to be my friend? I have a lot to share.
  6. Beefsupreme

    Respect for the cuck?

    So do u view the cuck that lets u fuck his wife as a little bitch? or do u see him as ok since they let u in? Just wondered how every1 but the cucks felt about it.
  7. K

    Questions for all the cucks/stags and couples👄

  8. C

    A SoCal BBC Party

    This is a great website with an amazing community behind it. With that being said it seems like alot of people hear never get the experience of meeting one another. That has to change, so I'm proposing the idea of a BBC Party of the highest caliber. An event where the lovley women and the grand...
  9. 20180515_071455.jpg


  10. cuckoldd

    Please tell me site for single woman who is into cuckolding or roleplay

    I am single 23 years old cuckold
  11. S


    For the Hotwives, Cucks and Bulls on B2W What’s the ideal situation? Long Term Relationship Or No Strings Attached? There are benefits to both but also some cons. What went into your decision making process?
  12. B

    Bull fantisies need 2 be fufilled

    Im in Vegas been trying to enter the bull lifestyle for about 6 months now I'm finding it hard to find a couple 4 me Sincerely one frustrated bull in training
  13. Bullntenn

    Thanks to all cucks, hubbies, and bfs

    I would like to give a huge Thanks to all the cucks, hubbies, and boyfriends and girlfriends who allow their partner, wife, etc to play with us Bulls and Studs.Thank you
  14. ArizonaCpl_4BlackMen

    Cucks Sucking and Fucking Other Cucks

    Any cuck hubs enjoy sucking and fucking other cuck hubs? Seems like it might be fun to do when the wives are out getting the Black cock they need.