1. N

    Wannabe cuck in Minnesota

    Divorced, 39, white guy. Lonely, bored, and very interested in exploring the lifestyle. I don't particularly care what other people think of me, and I would be proud to support a young woman who is also interested in this lifestyle. I live in the twin cities metro area. I can not relocate, my...
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  8. 16th birthday photoshoot

    16th birthday photoshoot

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  11. 16th birthday photoshoot

    16th birthday photoshoot

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  13. hubby opens happymeal.

    hubby opens happymeal.

  14. Openandready69

    Creampie eating hubbys

    Hi everyone I'm open and ready 69 I decided to ask some of you other hot wives, girlfriends ,wives if the person you're involved with eats your creampie or services your bull,do u really enjoy seeing this.if so or not please explain.and are u demanding or demeaning to him.Lynn
  15. LordGerthVador

    Video Chat w/ Cuckmatchmaker

    Cuck wannabes Cucks Beta Males Subs Etc If you desire advice on how to be a better cuck, find bbc loving ladies in your area,convince or introduce your wife to cucking, cuck events in your area lets talk about it.... Hangouts, whats ap,kik etc
  16. PittCuckboypa88

    Pittsburgh Sub Cuck Seeking His Queen Cuckoldress Goddess

    29 yr old Pittsburgh local seeking to fulfill my deepest desire, compulsion, and purpose in finding my black Cock Craving Cuckold Queen to worship, serve, obey, adore, and all other things... If you are her even out of the state willing to relocate or visit Message me or reply to thread You...
  17. columbusboy

    An extra special Happy Mother's Day to...

    This is a Happy Mother's Day to all the women of this site that have babies with men other than their cuckolds. A very special and extra Happy Mother's Day to you ladies.
  18. columbusboy

    Question to Real Cuckold Couple about E.D.

    I am curious to hear back from real cuckold couples that either have a cuckold with E.D. or trying to get him to that point? I am curious how he got E.D. or if it was the reason that the couple went into the lifestyle, etc. I've been a cuckold in relationships in the past but that's neither...
  19. DomSlutsharer


    Experienced non-conventional wifesharer with bi-cuck fetish is looking for a mature (40 - ?) hotwife, slut-4-black, Queen of Spades a n d cuckoldress. Newbie or lady with (first?) experiences as BBC-cougar, size queen, insatiable cum-slut, GB goddess, open for relationships wifesharer/hotwife...
  20. K

    Girls - what was it exactly that made you know you mostly, or only, wanted to fuck Black Men?

    This is for the girls who have been involved in the lifestyle for a good amount of time… what was it exactly that made you know you mostly, or only, wanted to fuck black men? For me… this was an evolutionary process over time. I’ve always loved fucking black cock, and actually regularly always...