cuckold wanna be

  1. Inferior beta

    UK submissive male, seeking Cuckoldress and Mistress (whom may also be interested in the Femdom aspects)

    29. Hoping to find the woman whom has a certain ability to dominate and cuckold. However, I am fine if the woman is not into femdom as such, but just wants to cuckold. Ideally, for me, the woman would participate in actively dominating me as well. All the same, any UK cuckoldress would be great.
  2. 6

    Would love to be humiliated by a hotwife. Someone who will make me watch and make me do as they say.

    Im addicted to lifestyle and want to apart of the experience. Ive been watching and obsessed with th lifestyle for over 8 and only get aroused when thinking about watching hotwives with black cocks. I came came to the conclusion that my cock is useless and deserve to be put in my place by...
  3. P

    Looking for hotwife

    Hey there I will start with some information about me 20 y old male from Poland kinda chubby, short (5'7) blue eyes, blonde hair. I love Reading fantasy, playing games, interested in politics (but not really into having an argument about it lol), interested in cars have a little knowelge about...
  4. InwoodGuy97

    Nice to meet you all

    Hello 👋 My name is...well...I’m not ready to share that yet lol I’m 23 years old and I’m something of a cuckold wannabe. I dream of having of girlfriend who will fuck black men and tell me all about it afterwards. I know it’s purpose in life to be an obedient and loyal cuckold husband someday...
  5. T

    Wer will auf meine Frau wichsen und ein bisschen dreckig schreiben, 23 und große Brüste! Bilder kommen

    Hey meine Lieben, würde mich freuen wenn ihr Männer euch mal richtig über meine Frau auslässt!
  6. Alexander Ross

    Cuckold Wannabe UK (Glasgow)

    Hi there 34 year old Single Male here 100% real looking for a cuckoldress or couple in Scotland or the UK to cuckold me would be willing to be in pictures or videos too if interested please mail me back
  7. loads4me

    Are women open to finding a man to clean their creampies?

    I am a submissive oral and have a strong cum fetish. An ultimate fantasy is to be a fluffer to men who are bi and the clean up of a gang bang. The focus would be on the pleasure of the slut who loves to get gangbanged. I guess I am looking for a fast machine who keeps her motor clean~!