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cuckold girlfriend

  1. S

    Your stories of how you got into cuckolding?

    Not the first time you've been cuckolded, but the first time you ever got off on the idea of your girlfriend/wife with a bbc. Here's mine. You know how girls get piles of dick pics in their inbox? Well this was a problem for my ex girlfriend, she'd often complain about it to me. Talking about...
  2. X

    Want to se my wife fucked

    I have always wanted to see mu wife fucked by another guy or guys, help me convince her to let me see it and enjoy to watch my girl full of another guys cum, do u like the tits and ass of my wife?
  3. Y

    Looking for a ccuckold girlfriend

    Really looking for a female to cuckold me on a regular basis. I am 27 male. I have been in the army for 4 yrs and am very easy going. Im in dayton ohio.