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  2. Perfect sex😍.mp4

    Perfect sex😍.mp4

    My white boyfriend already knows what a big black dick gives me. And he can't. He only had the opportunity to film my performance.
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    Beautiful 'Librarian" cucks her boyfriend
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    Girlfriend gets fucked hard in front of her boyfriend

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    Please come to Iowa and give me my first bbc
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    Ride it like you stole it.mp4

    This sexy young chick couldn't stop riding me while her boyfriend was at work wondering what she's up to 😈. Such a bad girl 🔥 but I love it . Watch sooo many hot and longer content on my channel . Link in my older clips or DM me.
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    Bf and I have ok sex but he's just barely at 5 inches best and doesn't stay hard sometimes unless I'm telling him how much I need bbc.
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  9. VasilisBottom

    22y male bottom slave in Athens

    Hello, i'm a good looking, 22 y.o. (looking older), greek-canadian man, serious, healthy, clean, polite, down to earth, bi , very open minded with almost no any taboo... I'm looking Only for an Interracial play partners like a serious, polite, healthy, bi kinky BLACK or ASIAN Couple... for...
  10. FloBull561


    A DISCREET & EDUCATED BBC for the wife. I’m 5’7, 183 lbs, hung just over 10 in fully hard & clean, no STD! I stay in excellent condition so stamina is not an issue. I don’t have issues respecting boundaries, I’d prefer we discuss those before we meet so as to guarantee everyone is respected and...
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    Lisa got a "Queen of Spades" Tattoo

    A white boi returns home and discovers his girlfriend has gotten herself a "QoS" tattoo, courtesy of her black lover. * * * * * Lisa went to a tattoo parlour shop yesterday and returned home with a Queen of Spades tramp stamp imprinted above her left breasts. I returned to the...
  14. HollyWorny

    Do your Husband’s/BF’s change for the best when they don’t cum?

    So the question is, does anyone else see the same positive affects as we do when the BF does not come for a long stretch of time? For the GF having orgasms is not paused at all, if anything they are increased, but for him it’s much tease and no cum. He becomes more attentive, caring and all...
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    Poconos gangbang

    I'm looking for a few bbcs to fuck my girlfriend hard and rough. She likes a little man handling and being submissive. Our schedule is tight but so is she. Looking for about 3 above average guys to fuck her till she can no longer walk. Must be disease free. She loves cream pies. We're willing to...
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    Jennifer left me for a Jamaican bbc., he used her roughly with his friends for their pleasure. 10 months later she wants to get together again. I even found text message she tells to her gf Alice that she's never going back... whats up with her, what does she want? I'm sure she can't even feel...
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    Trying to make my boyfriends fantasy come true: he would like to see me with two other men and would want to watch through Skype. If you’d like to help me out with this, you know what to do. I’m located in the southern Maryland area. Thank you :)
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    New BBC in Northern California

    Hello. My name is Brian, 35 years young. A gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I enjoying laughing and having fun more than anything and I'm a nerd in disguise. I love being in the lifestyle, sharing experiences and meeting awesome new people. I'm familiar with cuckold play...
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    Northern California BBC looking for fun...

    Hi, my name is Brian, 35 years young alpha black male. A gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I love being in the lifestyle, sharing experiences and meeting awesome new people. I'm familiar with cuckold situations, couple play and of course single play and looking for females and...
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    Sometimes when we go to a party he get ******* n get slept any place, could be a sofa, a chair, any garden or even some room...would u fuck me hard by his side on the same room??