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  1. LordGerthVador

    DFW Happy Wife Help!!!

    Are you a couple in the Dfw area? Are you newly divorced, widowed, single Lady ? Are you a good hubby looking to keep wifey happy ? While hubby is at work would a pair of strong hands be of good use to wifey? Are there some light chores that a qualified helper can assist her with? Perhaps wifey...
  2. Hot Wife Cucking at home.mp4

    Hot Wife Cucking at home.mp4

    Cuckold Hubby films wife getting BBC
  3. raf

    Denver Alpha Cuck 4LTR

    I am looking for my dream girl here, chances of this happening are slim to none but I figure what the heck and make an ad! So here it is... I am looking for a woman that would be interested in being a Hotwife for a man that stays fit, is financially independent (able to afford living in...
  4. My cuckie

    My cuckie

    In the past 4-5 years, I’m pretty sure I had at least a hundred or more guys fuck me, compliments of my husband. So occasionally I gotta do what I gotta do!
  5. My Perfect Marriage

    My Perfect Marriage

    Unless l get fucked by other men first, preferably black, my hubby can not fuck me anymore. Am I lucky or am I lucky? LOL
  6. Always bet on BLACK

    Always bet on BLACK

    If I send hubby the video, so he can rub one in the back of his big truck, he’s the happiest husband on the face of the earth. LOL
  7. Hubby’s recording

    Hubby’s recording

    I love being my husband’s wife!
  8. cuckboi206

    Pussy Free?

    Just wondering if there are any other cucks who are pussy free and what caused that? In my case it has been over a year and my wife no longer has interest in me sexually.
  9. BBC on my wife's ass.

    BBC on my wife's ass.

  10. CuckoldCouple

    Would You Deny Her

    Your wife is on vacation without you and she meets the stud of her dreams. She craves his big, black cock but worries about what you'd think if you found out. Would you deny her this one opportunity to be truly fulfilled?
  11. sergey99

    My first cuckold experience

    My wife and me went in Egypt for a holiday. We stayed in nice hotel with full of tourists. It was our second year in that hotel. We selected room with nice view on a red sea with private pool in it. We are married for 6 years. From the first day I noticed that unlike previous year there were...
  12. Black Gang - Before

    Black Gang - Before

    My wife is surrounded by big cock and she's so happy and horny, she can't wait to start sucking Let's take first a memory picture all together before to start!
  13. Black Gang - After

    Black Gang - After

    Fucked in any hole by four stud for a couple of hours, exhausted and ruined but really satisfied At the end, while they was cumming on her face, someone inserted brutally on her ass that huge dildo and that's how they worn her anus
  14. cfanatsy

    Stories of cruise ship adventures? If so tell us!

    I'm curious as my wife and I cruise often and talked about finding a nice guy to share her with on a cruise ship (still looking for mr. right after having many talks about it). I was curious if that particular scenario happened to anyone and if so we would love to read your story!
  15. Evari_Nico

    Why I am a Cuckold Part III (Back at our place)

    As she started answering my questions, I started to have an erection I got really hard listening to her talking about her previous lovers, how much bigger than me they were… More in my blog
  16. CoachMoKnows

    Question for the Husbands/Boyfriends

    This is still a rather new fantasy for me. But, I am obsessed right now and I have a lot of questions, but for now still kinda exploring what all I like. Let's just say, the list hasn't been narrowed down much, lol. I have been taken away by all the things I have read, seen and dreamed about...
  17. joe351

    First and only time so far.

    My wife likes nothing better than getting fucked by a big black dicks. I never had A gay thought in my life until my wife threatened to to not let me watch her getting fucked . Then she coaxed me into eating cum out her just fucked pussy or mouth. Then it was will you clean his dick...
  18. B

    Cuck husband - wife is close - how do I close?

    We have been incorporating play nights into our game. Started w/ IR porn - escalated to cuck porn. Attractive & athletic couple who gets much attention but it has stopped at getting felt up in black dance clubs. Dying for more. Advice?
  19. C

    Looking for monster bbc in oregon or washington

    My birthday is feb 14 and were looking for a bbc over 9 inch
  20. Real wife, BBC creampie Hubby films

    Real wife, BBC creampie Hubby films