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  2. Offering up my wife to the BNWO

    Offering up my wife to the BNWO

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    I keep evolving as my wife's cuckold...

    My new post: it happened almost a year ago, all the pics and clips are for that night, and I am sure if you listen carefully on the clip where he is doing my wife in the bed, you will be able to hear how wet my wife gets for this guy... link bellow...
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    Found on the Amrican Tribune

    What I've Learned From Being a Cuckold From The American Tribune: here is the link
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    Thing I love to hear my wife saying!

    A regular husband would be hurt to hear his wife saying to him or to her lover stuff like the ones on this post, But these same things would make a Cuckold husband like me, the happiest man on earth... I Know I love to hear Eva saying these things to me! Check it out in our blog.. link bellow: I...
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    Other men...

    In the Hotwife/Cuckold Lifestyle, the Bulls are the men with whom the wife have sex with. Take pick to this post on our blog, I added a nice clip of my wife w other man... Link bellow: