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  1. attraction

    As A Black King, Who Will You Take and What Would You Do?

    Hypothetically, if you and 3 of your black buddies are gang members, which combination of 3 of these girls will you pick to take home and what would you do to them to make them as your sex slaves for 3 days?
  2. 734.avi


    IR couple having fun in some dorm room. She wanted to swallow his load, but he decided to nut in his white GF's pussy where it belongs. 29:39
  3. college bbc slut

    college bbc slut

  4. Plowing through the snow

    Plowing through the snow

    Raw sex
  5. Cutie4BBCFun

    College cutie looking for first time with BBC

    My husband and I are excited to have our first threesome with a BBC. We are in the Midwest and love to travel (within reason). I would love to have my first time be with someone with 9" or bigger :) ( I have a dildo I have been practicing with, and I am confident I can take it :) ..) I am...
  6. Watching GF get fucked by BBC

    Watching GF get fucked by BBC

    Cuckold boyfriend watches his girlfriend get BBC at college
  7. L

    We are a married couple and love to have a BBC join us for fun

    We are fun, adventurous and would love to have a BBC or two join us for some bedroom fun once in awhile. Unfortunately we live in a small town and there aren't many here, but when we travel on vacation we would definitely like to play :D
  8. C

    College Couple Seeking first BBC in Michigan

    Hey we are a 22 year old college couple in Michigan seeking a man within a 3-4 hour drive. We have only ever had eachother but she has always been turned on by black men and is curious of what a bigger man may feel like (im 5 inches). If your interested please message us! We prefer between 19-35...
  9. BBC Backshots

    BBC Backshots

    College girl curious about BBC taking it from the back.
  10. BritannyHotwife

    video of me fucking an arab guy!

    hope you like it :) I visited my sister in her college dorm. we partied and I she introduced me to an arab guy. I invited him to my sister's room when she was away and he fucked my brain out. watch it and please thumbs up ;) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59032ae9674d2
  11. Hot College Girl Rides  BBC

    Hot College Girl Rides BBC

    Hot College Girl Rides BBC
  12. Lating girl gets mouth fucked by bbc

    Lating girl gets mouth fucked by bbc

  13. harry ecsbury

    Got my gf a 9 inch dildo to try and persuade her to try bigger

    So I'm slowly helpng my gf get more and more wild in bed. We were both virgins when we met and have only ever been with each other. I want to share her in an mmf 3some or watch her with another guy but can't ask her at this stage. We've talked a bit about 3somes and I confessed to her that I...
  14. Freshman47

    She begs for black cock

    I'd eat nut out of her by Freshman47 posted Feb 10, 2016 at 6:21 PMMy gf your whore by Freshman47 posted Feb 10, 2016 at 5:30 AMBBC will take her by Freshman47 posted Feb 10, 2016 at 6:20 PM
  15. hungteacher

    College Aged Cuckold Couples

    I am off for vacation, but upon return, I have a NJ College Aged Couple who want me to screw the gf in her dorm room. This is in a Northern NJ college. I was wondering if any other Bulls or College Aged Cuckold couples have ever done this before? And if so, are there any college dorm rules I...