1. Would you?

    Would you?

    Young or older black guys seem to love kissing,sucking and biting my tits! What would be your preference?
  2. Hotwife work in progress

    Hotwife work in progress

    My baby doesn’t want to be shared but she wriggles and moans when I talk about it and happily posed for some pics for b2w #confusing
  3. One of mine Random snap

    One of mine Random snap

    Posing for snap in lazy afternoon
  4. DSC_0452.jpg


    Hope you like my breasts in this.
  5. A15.jpg


    This never was properly explained to me. It was one of a number of selfies she sent me while I was working away one time. Draw your own conclusions - I did!
  6. 5.jpg


    This is a dress I'd asked her to wear with nothing underneath. After we took this shot, she unbuttoned and slipped out of it - just as the Police rolled into the car park!!
  7. HotWifeMandy All Alone

    HotWifeMandy All Alone

    HotWifeMandy All Alone
  8. 4.jpg


    I'd asked her to wear this dress with nothing else. We'd gone to take photos and she was slowly stripping out of it. She'd just got completely naked when the fkn police rolled into the car park!!!
  9. Tits.jpg


    A little glimpse of my 38DD's Big Nipples and I LOVE them sucked!!
  10. Booooobs


  11. Lisa's Hubby

    Lisa's Hubby

    You wanna know something that's funny? He's not black either.
  12. IMG_3407.JPG


    Having good arguments
  13. DSC03090.JPG


    Cleavage :)
  14. Sexy Xmas Present

    Sexy Xmas Present

    who wants me under their tree to unwrap
  15. Hello Santa

    Hello Santa

  16. Naughty Helper

    Naughty Helper

    posing by the tree
  17. Big Tits

    Big Tits

    Who want's his cock between this boobs?
  18. gym