1. juju88

    Hello, I am a wannabe cuck

    BUT my wife constantly talks about how attractive she is to black men. Anybody have the same experience? Literally before we were even married she would say the strangest things like, I can’t even believe I’m getting married to a white man. Also, conservative Christian girl so it’s hard to...
  2. SWM4bbcslut

    Married Christian BBC whores

    Any pics, gifs, etc. where she looks like a wife, is wearing a wedding ring or a cross, etc.
  3. Sundays are meant for worship.

    Sundays are meant for worship.

    With that being said, come to church and worship my BBC.
  4. SWM4bbcslut

    Ever fuck a BBC from your church or black minister?

    Ever fuck a black minister or a BM from your church?
  5. W

    Any church going married white women, also BBC addicted?

    Are you a married white christian who attends church every sunday, BUT also fucks all the black men she can get?
  6. W

    Ever been found out, exposed at work, family, etc?

    Ever been found out, exposed for being a black cock addicted cum dump at work, church, friends or family?