1. Reemon

    Christian couple in egypt with a fantasy of Muslim bull

    We are couple from Egypt, male 47 fe 42 both Egyptian and wan to explore sharing her she is excited yet bit worried We seek dominant gentlemen who is experienced to lead us and prefers to be foreigner and to host in classy setup
  2. juju88

    Hello, I am a wannabe cuck

    BUT my wife constantly talks about how attractive she is to black men. Anybody have the same experience? Literally before we were even married she would say the strangest things like, I can’t even believe I’m getting married to a white man. Also, conservative Christian girl so it’s hard to...
  3. SWM4bbcslut

    How long did it take u to go from monogamous Christian to a BBC whore?

  4. SWM4bbcslut

    Bulls: ever seduced a very religious married white woman?

    Bulls: ever seduced a very religious married white woman?
  5. 35337835360_5875ff0072_o - Copy.jpg

    35337835360_5875ff0072_o - Copy.jpg

    All hands on deck
  6. SWM4bbcslut

    Married Christian BBC whores

    Any pics, gifs, etc. where she looks like a wife, is wearing a wedding ring or a cross, etc.
  7. bethmwf4blackmen

    Prison Ministry

    I fantasize about meeting a long term black prison inmate. Through my church I volunteer for a prison ministry and meet a strong dark black inmate with whom there is a mutual attraction and interest. We get to know each other of subsequent visits, my attire increasingly becomes more provocative...