cheating wife

  1. Gone jogging

    Gone jogging

    This is what happens when your young and cock starved wife tells you she’s going for a morning run.
  2. Getting some head 3

    Getting some head 3

    Oh and no gag relax. Those are the best.
  3. Getting head 2

    Getting head 2

    She isn’t out of practice
  4. Fucking one of my married white friends

    Fucking one of my married white friends

  5. Dsoul

    A Husband Lies Under the Bed

    A Husband Lies Under the Bed There was the irritating noise of the bed springs groaning above my face but it wasn’t the only noise in the room. There also was the woman moaning from her pleasure as well heaving grunts of the man who was fucking her. Doggy-style. How did I know this? Because...
  6. Cuckold hubby films his wife with black lover

    Cuckold hubby films his wife with black lover

  7. Cheating wife sucking BBC at office

    Cheating wife sucking BBC at office

  8. lilolme

    Hi so this is me

  9. Won at a game!

    Won at a game!

    She thought that the penance was to let them to write something funny on her back but their prize was to take her in the bedroom and use her
  10. Bear77ar


    After my sweet little wife started working evenings at the hospital, we don't see much of each other. My day shift hours clash hard with her hour and I'm usually getting off work when she goes into work. Such is life, I suppose. My wife does get every other Wednesday off, and that's where this...
  11. Bear77ar

    Caught by her bull's wife

    It's been a few days since my vivid dream concerning my lovely little wife and her new coworker, Edward. I had another vivid dream last night, it was quite different and very hot! I will try to do the dream justice with my limited writing skills... In my dream, my wife has been very happy and...
  12. An old playmate

    An old playmate

    She was married and cheating but the pussy was worth it.
  13. Cheating wife

    Cheating wife

  14. CuckoldCouple


    My husband was not at home when Michael, one of his friends who was a black hottie knocked on the door. I answered and he looked so great. There was a chemistry between us and I knew now was the time. “Michael, I need you now! Please, fuck me!” He didn’t need telling twice; he moved in front...
  15. CuckoldCouple


    I almost never go out of town with my job, but last week I did. After a busy afternoon I returned to my hotel and took a nice long bath and decided to go down to the lounge for a glass of wine. I planned to get to bed early because I had another busy day ahead of me. I called my husband to make...
  16. Cheating wife sucks BBC

    Cheating wife sucks BBC

  17. Terimae


    Do most women have this fantasy or is it just a few? I have just recently started thinking about this to the point that I want to experience it first hand, At first I wanted my husband there with me maybe just as some type of comfort and approval. Now I don't care I just want to go out on a...
  18. CuckoldCouple


    There was an unfamiliar car in the driveway when Matthew arrived home. Since he was several hours earlier than usual he wasn't surprised that his wife, Lara didn't meet him at the door. He called her name as he entered the house, but there was no answer so he walked down the hallway toward the...
  19. hungteacher

    The sexless marriage (less than 10x per year)

    I recently published a blog post on reddit about sexless marriages. If you are interested in reading it, But the interesting thing are the comments that I receive from the post. I did not...
  20. S

    Surprise birthday gift - part 2

    ...after all the sex we both fall a sleep. I wake up starving and exhausted. My husband is already awake. I take a shower and we head down stairs for later brunch with some champagne. The waiters is cute. Blond hair, skinny, small cute butt but big boobs. I am not sure if she is giving me an...