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cheating gf

  1. Dsoul

    Lisa got a "Queen of Spades" Tattoo

    A white boi returns home and discovers his girlfriend has gotten herself a "QoS" tattoo, courtesy of her black lover. * * * * * Lisa went to a tattoo parlour shop yesterday and returned home with a Queen of Spades tramp stamp imprinted above her left breasts. I returned to the...
  2. lol snapchat cheating 2

    lol snapchat cheating 2

  3. snapchat cheating

    snapchat cheating

  4. M

    Cute asian gf

    Anyone interested in my gf? You can describe how exactly would you fuck her:)
  5. S


  6. D

    Should I Accept My Status?

    I'm very conflicted on if I should submit to becoming a beta male. I have been in 2 previous relationships and both of my girlfriends have cheated on me. The first one was with a white guy and the second was with a black guy. Both of the men were very well hung. I'm currently in a third...
  7. Teencuck95


    Male : 22 , white, beta, 5inches Female : 26 , 5ft tall, thicc, fat ass From Los Angeles, CA, looking for a hung man around our age to hang out with and get to know Must be : HUNG, ALPHA, DOMINANT Message us with pictures and we will send ours
  8. Blonde GF Cheats

    Blonde GF Cheats

    Chubby blonde GF Cheats with black neighbor
  9. dlinx

    im a cuckold?

    My girlfriend sent these photos to 3 friends of her, I am a cuckold?
  10. White girl cheated on bf with photographer

    White girl cheated on bf with photographer

  11. Black boss

    Black boss

    She was late home again
  12. Sector917

    Caught in the act...erotic!

    so this story comes on the tails of about 3 years past me and my exwifes experiences with her sharing her BBC stories and allowing me to watch and enjoy. After we decided to break it off and move our separate ways, I hadn't really been into BBC stories, don't get me wrong I enjoy porn, all...