1. My chastity

    My chastity

    My chastity cage that I wear when the ladies in my bedroom are playing with their superior black men
  2. xhamster.com_7667130_lil_cucky_proud_of_his_new_toy_240p.mp4


    my inferior dicklet locked up and in wifeys panties
  3. Masked Wife With A Black Lover Pt.2

    Masked Wife With A Black Lover Pt.2

  4. kevtat

    other couples in Florida please

    Not looking for a bul as yet. Maybe when we find the right couple. Lots of kinky things to share. Soem downright taboo that we would NEVER do but play with as fantasy only. If you are in or a frequent visitor to SW Florida please reach out to us. on Skype is one...
  5. MidwestCpl4BBC

    Cuck's Experiences in Cages

    My sweet and obedient sissy cuck has needed to be caged for quite some time. We've definitely discussed the idea, picked out the brand and color of cage; we just have yet to purchase. After talking a little last night about being officially caged and the feelings this might incite we got to...
  6. Wfcrvsbbc

    Locking Hubby for the First Time

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to lock up my hubby’s small white cock for the first time...however we are encountering one small problem...he keeps getting hard everytime i get the cage out to put on him! I guess locking him up really turns him on!! Any ideas on what to do???
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  8. IMG_5138.JPG


  9. IMG_5137.JPG


  10. Sjmjb

    Cannot make a chastity device work

    My wife finally wants to lock me into chastity. The only problem is I cannot get it on. I get hard way too fast then my head won't fit in the cage. When I do get it on and locked it acts like it is going to fall off my cock. I have tried the 2" and the 1.75" and it acts like it will fall off...
  11. You're the Worst 1.webm

    You're the Worst 1.webm

    Scene from FX's You're the Worst with interracial cuckold and chastity
  12. WhiteEuroBoi

    How Many of You White Guys Are Currently in Chastity Cages?

    I'm 22 and a cuckold for my wonderful, sexy white girlfriend named Amber. I have a small white worm for a dick and she gets a thick 12" inch black cock by the Bull I watch fuck her. She moans and yells in pleasure that I'd never be able to please her to that extent. My small dick is so useless...
  13. yungkentcpl95

    Couple in their very early twenties interested

    Hey guys and gals, brand-new to blacktowhite and the ‘lifestyle’. Me and my fiancé have been fantasising about it for the best part of a year. We’re both 22 and a little confused on how we can start living our dream with Mrs becoming a BBC slut and Mr being in chastity. Someone with some...
  14. M

    Help with chastity device

    I need help on finding a chastity device I can wear long term. The problem is my balls are shrunk very small and my sack has also shrunk. Can not seem to find a device that doesn't hurt after a few hours. Help!
  15. cuckoldd

    please tease me cuckold

    I am locked in my pinky cage waiting for tease :)
  16. shellikay

    Calgary Sissy

    Thank you for letting my register into this lovely site. I'm 43 effeminate long hair long nails, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been with more than 3 women who left me for real men. 2 of them I helped find the men. I'm poly, and in training for full sissy. At first I thought this site had...
  17. T

    Very submissive white European cuck seeks black-only-Lady...

    You (20-45), a sexy and dominant lady, are looking for a submissive very humble white male who would be ready to be your soulmate, provider and servant but would fully understand your craving for huge black cocks. He is older (63), single, handsome, well-off, equipped with a very weak limpish...
  18. D

    One Submissive Cuckold

    I am a highly paid corporate executive with an advanced college degree. I am 63 and my 3rd wife is 37. She has been married 3 other times and began having sex with blacks in high school. I knew I was treading on thin ice when I married her. We only knew each other for 3 months and she told...
  19. kevtat

    Cuckold Play - She LOVES chastity, panties, camming and to tease

    Tanya is into the look and feel of smooth cock and balls, panties and the control and "freedom" of cock in chastity. We would very much like to meet other cuck-play couples online and in person. She does like to watch and tease BIG cocks on cam too and has had me eat her and show off chastity...
  20. K

    How should a hotwife manage the emotion fluctuation of a cuckold?

    When cuckolding is brought into practice as a 7/24/365 lifestyle, permanently, rather than a bed fun short play game. Yes the cucky man will feel excited when he is horny, but he will also feel frustrated or depressed a lot of time when he is not. His job, his work may be largely affected if his...