1. Worshipping my bull's big black cock in front of my chaste cuck

    Worshipping my bull's big black cock in front of my chaste cuck

    The day we learned I actually enjoy sucking cock... it just has to be the RIGHT cock! I've never been inspired to drop to my knees in front of my hubby and start worshipping his cock, but as you can see, that's exactly what I did within a minute of my bull's arrival. Hubby and I were both shocked!
  2. Christopher447

    BBC Bull Los Angeles

    I'm Christopher, a BBC Bull in the Los Angeles Area. Hoping to connect with likeminded kinksters in the community for chat, frienship and get togethers. I have lots of experience playing with couples and I absolutely love the cuckold fetish and lifestyle. Hotwife, FLR, swingers and husbands who...
  3. I

    Sexy 23 year old wife forcing me to share her photos

    My wife wants to know what the bbcs on here think of her, and what they would do to me, her sissy, cucked, chaste, little boy. Every bbc who comments something she likes extends my time in chastity... she loves to see big cock as well.
  4. Caged BBC

    Caged BBC

    Tell and show your girlfriends your dominance over all dick. All cocks could get locked, but only one type is ever released.
  5. Uncaged


    Free from cage captivity
  6. ModernEUBoi

    Modern European Whiteboi

    Hi! I'm just another wimpy white beta male. I'm 23 yo, living in Poland and studying. Few years back then I was just a normal teenager with healthy relationship with my beautiful ex white girlfriend, but one day my life turned upside down when I discovered tumblr page named "White Humiliation"...
  7. WantWife2Play

    Cock Cage Wife Play

  8. Cuckold99

    Cuckold keusch halten? Meinung von Hotwife's und Bulls?

    Ich persönlich bin der Meinung, dass Cuckolds keusch gehalten werden sollen. Ebenfalls während er zusieht. Das Wichsen während dem zusehen sollte lediglich als belohnung dienen. Grundsätzlich aber hat er sich auf Ihre Wünsche zu konzentrieren. Durch das Wichsen geht dies etwas vergessen. Wie...
  9. 4


    Wearing my key
  10. C

    Help us choose training situation

    Hi all So we have brought some new toys and accessories to use with our role playing/training and we would love you guys to help us decide what to use. :giggle: The poll has unlimited votes but please choose one item from each “head to head/vs” After a while, we will review the poll and the...
  11. My chastity

    My chastity

    My chastity cage that I wear when the ladies in my bedroom are playing with their superior black men
  12. xhamster.com_7667130_lil_cucky_proud_of_his_new_toy_240p.mp4


    my inferior dicklet locked up and in wifeys panties
  13. kevtat

    other couples in Florida please

    Not looking for a bul as yet. Maybe when we find the right couple. Lots of kinky things to share. Soem downright taboo that we would NEVER do but play with as fantasy only. If you are in or a frequent visitor to SW Florida please reach out to us. on Skype is one...
  14. MidwestCpl4BBC

    Cuck's Experiences in Cages

    My sweet and obedient sissy cuck has needed to be caged for quite some time. We've definitely discussed the idea, picked out the brand and color of cage; we just have yet to purchase. After talking a little last night about being officially caged and the feelings this might incite we got to...
  15. W

    Locking Hubby for the First Time

  16. IMG_5139.JPG


  17. IMG_5138.JPG


  18. IMG_5137.JPG


  19. Sjmjb

    Cannot make a chastity device work

    My wife finally wants to lock me into chastity. The only problem is I cannot get it on. I get hard way too fast then my head won't fit in the cage. When I do get it on and locked it acts like it is going to fall off my cock. I have tried the 2" and the 1.75" and it acts like it will fall off...