1. shellikay

    Calgary Sissy

    Thank you for letting my register into this lovely site. I'm 43 effeminate long hair long nails, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been with more than 3 women who left me for real men. 2 of them I helped find the men. I'm poly, and in training for full sissy. At first I thought this site had...
  2. T

    Very submissive white European cuck seeks black-only-Lady...

    You (20-45), a sexy and dominant lady, are looking for a submissive very humble white male who would be ready to be your soulmate, provider and servant but would fully understand your craving for huge black cocks. He is older (63), single, handsome, well-off, equipped with a very weak limpish...
  3. D

    One Submissive Cuckold

    I am a highly paid corporate executive with an advanced college degree. I am 63 and my 3rd wife is 37. She has been married 3 other times and began having sex with blacks in high school. I knew I was treading on thin ice when I married her. We only knew each other for 3 months and she told...
  4. kevtat

    Cuckold Play - She LOVES chastity, panties, camming and to tease

    Tanya is into the look and feel of smooth cock and balls, panties and the control and "freedom" of cock in chastity. We would very much like to meet other cuck-play couples online and in person. She does like to watch and tease BIG cocks on cam too and has had me eat her and show off chastity...
  5. K

    How should a hotwife manage the emotion fluctuation of a cuckold?

    When cuckolding is brought into practice as a 7/24/365 lifestyle, permanently, rather than a bed fun short play game. Yes the cucky man will feel excited when he is horny, but he will also feel frustrated or depressed a lot of time when he is not. His job, his work may be largely affected if his...
  6. DonnieG

    Seeking to be sexually dominated by Girl or couple

    I want to find that cute, sexy, hit girl that is dominant to me, but submissive to her lovers. I want her to feminize me, peg me, and get me ready to be sexually domnated by her lover, watch him take my manhood to be a faithful loving husband or boyfriend Hwho is made to then that I sexually...
  7. My first comparison

    My first comparison

    He is going limp just finished Fucking my girl in my bed.
  8. J

    Chastity or Self Restraint?

    Any BBC's or hot wifes have a view on how the Cuck should be controlled. One thought is a chastity device with the keyholder either being his wife or her bull. The other thought is that he is allowed to watch whilst getting hard, but not allowed to touch himself. Would the humiliation (in our...
  9. LondonSub

    Best chastity device survey - Vote your favorite

    Vote here for the chastity device that you would recommend for long term comfort.
  10. Cuck26

    If you can't beat them join them

    My beautiful ex girlfriend of five years left me to join the New World Order. This is my ex. I love black owned women. It does my heart good to see so many white girls go black. Towards the end, I knew she was cheating on me. But the sex was amazing. Everytime we fucked I knew that I should...
  11. K

    Sarah has a date!!

    Sarah came home yesterday all excited and when we got a chance to talk she told me she had lunch with Ben again (black guy she has been flirting with at work) and they arranged to go on a date tomorrow night. Ben has been very clear in his intentions and has told Sarah he fully intends to fuck...
  12. Sub13195

    New cuck

    Hey I've been exploring this lifestyle and it is for me. Looking for a genuine woman to eventually keep me locked in a permanent chastity cage while she cucks me. I am also bisexual -GTA area
  13. Jbk

    Looking for the one

    Any girls in fla that would like a ltr???love the cuckold life style
  14. CuckynDFW2

    cuckold tattoo ideas

    I was told today I would have to start thinking about 2 tattoos. She wants some sort of ownership "owned by Mistress Nikki" for example as a tattoo. I also have to come up with a cuckold chastity tattoo and location. I found a few but I would love any ideas the community may have. Thank You
  15. FW wife Benefit

    Hops or herbs to keep the cuck docile?

    Hi! I saw many wifes around here use cages for their hubbies. Having read thay hops are the responsible of the "beer droop" due to its content of estrogens I wonder is someone is giving his cuck hops supplements to keep him "free but docile"? That would be even more powerful than chastity cage!
  16. gubgu

    Keyholding by black dom?

    Hi, since I'm wearing a chastity cage and fantasize about my wife "being blacked", I've been thinking for a while about letting a black dom deciding how/when I cum. Anyone having a similar experience? Any taker here?
  17. Hotwife5x4

    chasity cage

    What do you Bulls/hotwife thing about Chastity cages should they be worn by The husbands?? Who holds the key?
  18. cucknh

    Searching for real cuckoldress or hotwife

    I am a tall man 1.83m and have 4 years experience in the cuckoldlife-style. My ex kept me in chastity and she only likes BBC. She has left me with her last black lover, so i am looking for a Lady who i can serve. Do you want more information don't hestitate to ask me. I am living in the Netherlands
  19. zunyandfer

    Chastity: experiences and recommendations

    So we just bought a cock cage with the purpose of engaging in male chastity and let the wife to enjoy a propper dick. Since this is day one on chastity, we would like to read about experiences and/or advices from cuckolds who have been trying this before. Nice week to everyone and thank you...
  20. M

    Penis Shrinkage

    caused by chastity or Chronic Masturbation Yeah. Anybody have heard of that? If you, a white male, have more than 3-4 inches there is a nice solution for that "problem" lol.