1. CFC7A950-55BC-42CC-B801-FC9E7410D6E3.jpeg


    My breasts in full view.
  2. My milkshakes and tanlines selfie

    My milkshakes and tanlines selfie

    Busy Sunday, managed some sun by the pool to get those tan lines happening, my ass and tits are going to be bright white against those big beautiful black hands
  3. Saturday Morning Boobs

    Saturday Morning Boobs

  4. 20240211_052747.jpg


    Trying to pay attention to the Super Bowl?
  5. DrewandElena

    Hubby’s friends always like when I wear this dress

    I wonder why
  6. Natural White Tits

    Natural White Tits

    One of my fav shots of my boobs.
  7. Blacked, blackened

    Blacked, blackened

    BBC between my white tits as I’m smothered licking his ass Black asshole!♠️👅🤤 showing off our wedding ring to my cuck!🤣
  8. DrewandElena

    Happy Tuesday

    Just wish there was a nice load covering them . Maybe later
  9. DrewandElena

    Happy Tuesday

    They could use a nice fresh load on them
  10. DrewandElena

    They’re so suckable

    Put your lips or your cum all over them
  11. DrewandElena

    Happy Tuesday

    They need to be covered in cum
  12. IMG_2121.jpeg


    Milk Maid 😇
  13. tcc_P1020693.jpeg


    laying out by the pool
  14. 015-09-03_23.08.24.jpg


    The girls are excited
  15. Roman Cassius

    NC | SC | GA Give us something to cum on..

  16. DrewandElena

    Let’s go upstairs

    And fuck me while my husband watches
  17. 0-6_F09.JPG


  18. Quick flash

    Quick flash

  19. DrewandElena

    Did I tie this right ?

    Or does it not matter
  20. Good morning

    Good morning