1. Wear it loud n proud!

    Wear it loud n proud!

    ...Wearing my new hoodie out to the gym today, got alot of looks to say the least!
  2. ...Rolling up the snake.

    ...Rolling up the snake.

    ...People often ask me sometimes how I conceal my BBC , well this is how ladies. Have to roll him up and pack him away. How about you come let him free again, hes aching for some white girl loving...
  3. C

    For wives

    Who would be your ultimate bbc to sleep with mine would be anthony Joshua

    The biggest of the blackest just hit the site...

    Ok so im new to the site but not new to white women, this is my calling... An intelligent but naturally dominant alpha black male of athletic physique and stamina with a genuine pussy stretching BBC. The resolute alpha male bull in cuck / bull situation and for true slut wife training. Tall...