1. Suck and kiss

    Suck and kiss

    One of my favorite white wives giving me a sensual blowjob and a kiss.
  2. Bbc4Whites

    Travel BBC

    Here's a video of a beautiful white wife I met sucking me off in Chicago. Anyhow. I just signed on to travel with my company all 2018. I'll be in many different places but I'll always be looking For bbc service. Drop a message or comment with your location and let's have a good time...
  3. iMessages thread of a good whore

    iMessages thread of a good whore

    Go to your imessage thread with your whore. Tap the details tab. If she doesn't look like a proper show off, then I suggest you fix her. Here's an example of a well displayed whore.
  4. I

    which porn girl do you want to see get blacked?

    I wanted to make a thread to discuss which girls in porn people want to see blacked here are the girls for round 1 Ember snow: a hot asian newbie with a great body has yet to do a interracial scene says she is too small Jade Kush: another hot asian newbie with a awesome body had interracial on...
  5. Take this home!

    Take this home!

    Loaded to the gills!
  6. Gone jogging

    Gone jogging

    This is what happens when your young and cock starved wife tells you she’s going for a morning run.
  7. W


    White male from Brisbane Australia own my own business and have a teenage daughter that lives with me. Loves to be in a stag hotwife relationship but it's hard for me to find the right person as long as I can remember I have dreamed about blacking my gf black on our wedding day getting pregnant...
  8. sucking on some DETROIT BBC showing off my wedding ring

    sucking on some DETROIT BBC showing off my wedding ring

    sucking on one of my favorite BULLS from DETROIT and fucking the hell outta me in the end all this while my CUCK husband films it. im such a slut
  9. Bbc anal

    Bbc anal

  10. I want to be pregnant too

    I want to be pregnant too

    Hahaha. Met a cuteness little white slut at the bar with my woman. She was so tipsy and said "I wanna get pregnant too" so we tried. Follow our Snapchat to see the outcome. (And a few videos from last night) *note: our Snapchat is full of pregnant belly, pussy, and interracial cream pies.
  11. Hotwife & BBC 69

    Hotwife & BBC 69

    Amazing head from my Latina Hotwife playmate
  12. M

    Let me "fake" your photos.

    Hello, I just took an interest in photoshopping pics. I did my first one last night. While I am not a pro at it, if you can post some good and clear pics, I will do my best to "fake" them. No promises though, I may not be able to every pic, depending on the quality. Or you can pm me, trust me, I...
  13. Ian Cook

    Abi wants a black baby if you can help?

    genuine arrangement easier if u based in UK were based South Wales but travel hotel meets outside our city for discretion. Must be sexually clear of diseases obviously. Arrangement is to shag Abo regularly until she catches and through pregnancy if ok. No personal details needed or wanted it's a...
  14. Ian Cook

    Pregnancy wanted (black)

  15. Ian Cook

    We've decided to let a black guy breed her

    genuine offer. She wants a black baby please no one wasters we're in South Wales U.K. So also please be practical . Thanks. Ian & Abi x
  16. Ian Cook

    Genuine offer black pregnancy needed

    Register your interest guys genuine offer Ian & Abi
  17. Ian Cook

    She's dying to have a black baby!

    its her biggest desire and I want to make it happen for her
  18. Ian Cook

    Hot slag to black

    do your best please to black her nasty :)
  19. Ian Cook

    Can anyone GIF her at all?

    love to see a GIF if anyone skilled enough?? Thanks! :)