1. After Work-Out

    After Work-Out

    After I workout I'm either tired or horny
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  3. Let's play catch

    Let's play catch

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  5. On Your Knees.

    On Your Knees.

  6. Who wants to suck?

    Who wants to suck?

    Who wanna suck?
  7. They deleted my profile pic

    They deleted my profile pic

    Old profile pic
  8. thick trini didck

    thick trini didck

    you ladies can take it?
  9. Wish I had a real BBC!!

    Wish I had a real BBC!!

  10. Torque2004

    New to this site and located in GA near Atlanta

    Looking for good clean, safe but nasty fun.
  11. Torque2004

    Verified Torque2004

    Single, old enough to know better looking for clean safe but nasty fun.
  12. S

    Black dick in a hot soapy shower (video)

    Ladies, let me know what you think ;) Check out my media at
  13. D

    looking for white women

    I'm interested in lots of things particularly cuckholding, I'd love to fuck someone's wife good for a night or as a normal thing.
  14. Jessiebbc

    i want you to degrade me

    Tell me anything. be as nasty as you want. call me every name u want. as long as u use the words "black cock, dick, whore, gag, slut......" u get the point. thx boys!!! i get so f#@# wet when u do! even add my sissy small dick wht bf if u want. anything goes!!! lets have some fun. im druk as...