black supremacy

  1. Stefanie

    Favorite Positions?

    I am curious on what you favorite positions are! I personally love a dominant man and this position to me shows complete dominance of a Black man over a woman. Please share yours!
  2. At my feet

    At my feet

    Slave kissing Master's feet
  3. W

    Turning Black dominance in relationships into Black power in the world

    Hello, I was talking to a wonderful and powerful Black Master and he said for me to post this here to get your views. We know there is an increasing trend in Black dominance in sex and relationships. But how can that translate into a greater appreciation for Black Power and supremacy in the...
  4. R

    How to get premature ejaculation?

    Is there a way to get premature ejaculation so that I can cum before even getting fully erect. Also if possible I want to turn my dick into a useless little clitty so that I will be having a limp clitty which cum within a few strokes without even getting hard. I want to become a submissive...
  5. Bbc4Whites

    Interracial progression

    For years I’ve I’be been teaching my white women something I call interracial progression. The idea of using your white privilege for the betterment of blacks. I’ve found this to be a very rewarding experience with them all and would like to teach a submissive white male next. What have you...
  6. Sharebare

    Philosophy: Why IR Cuckolding is a must

    This is one white guy’s take on the interracial phenomenon. Why the white mind is occupied by Big Black Cock in all it’s forms and fetishes. 20 years ago, no one would have guessed the terms “BBC”, “cuckold”, “mandingo”, “snowbunny” and all the rest would be common terms. There has been an...