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  3. 1bbcscorpio

    Beautiful black cock!!!

    Beautiful black cock

    BBC Stud In SW Florida

    Fun and easy going stud that is up for meeting sexy ladies in the Fort Myers - Tampa area in Florida. I have plenty of pics and vids on my profile. Just shoot me a message if your interested in chatting.
  5. sloefler

    Looking for a black stud

    whats up guys my girl and I are looking for a black stud for her. She loves to get picked up and doggy style. She likes it deep in her pussy which I could only provided 6" We live in Southern Cali.
  6. QoS taking a measurement of my BBC

    QoS taking a measurement of my BBC

    still a bit soft - but still measures up to a big amount of pleasure she'll always treasure.
  7. B

    (Malta) Exclusive Black Stud

    Hello to all my ladies in Malta, I will be moving to Malta within a few weeks and during that time I would like to get to know each female before we meet. I will be available for one on one sex with no watching, taking pictures, recordings or threesomes. Multiple females are allowed to wait on...