(Malta) Exclusive Black Stud

Hello to all my ladies in Malta,

I will be moving to Malta within a few weeks and during that time I would like to get to know each female before we meet. I will be available for one on one sex with no watching, taking pictures, recordings or threesomes. Multiple females are allowed to wait on me while I am engaging a female and when we are done, I will attend to you as well. All conversations and information of each female with be kept with complete discretion. I and only I alone am involved and will be involved in meeting and having sex with each female separately. These meetings should be during your ovulation cycle for sex during that time period. If your ovulation period if three to five days, then we will be having sex twice or more each day to ensure pregnancy.

I have medical proof of the following; being clear of any stds'/stis', natural high testosterone levels and high and healthy sperm count. I have no family history of any mental, physical or any other genetic disorders or diseases. Genetically I am healthy, strong, meso-morphic body type and well endowed.

I only require females to be heterosexual, std\sti free with medical proof and unmarried. If you would like to get pregnant while being married it's better not to tell me because if I know, then we will not have sex.

Contact me with photos and your most discreet contact details to make arrangements for meeting up. Thank you.