black man

  1. Robert Crest

    How we evolve..

    These are just thoughts. I've been thinking about this all day at work and thought I'd post it here to hear from others. I think in terms of sexual "thickness" of women (skinny waist, big hips, big butt) black woman seem to have it more than most white woman, I think most could agree, however...
  2. KravenPine


    Just me.
  3. Discoman fucks white slut

    Discoman fucks white slut

  4. Cleaned up

    Cleaned up

    Let's get dirty though
  5. T

    New BBC Black man in Philly

    I'm new and looking to connect with beautiful intelligent white women. I'm laid back and easy going. Looking to get verified. Let's chat.
  6. L

    Sub Oral with a Strong Cum Fetish

    I have always been very submissive and derive pleasure from providing pleasure to others. I have a number of married men who regularly feed me and instruct me how to service them. One hot Alpha Male loves to fuck my mouth for 30-40 minutes each time he stops by. I have serviced a few couples...
  7. B

    Malta-I will be moving there soon for getting women pregnant.

    I'm a straight black male who will be moving to Malta soon and I am looking to get some straight/heterosexual young women pregnant. I'm STD free with proof and I'm in good lean muscular shape no steroids I have a natural live level of testosterone and I'm very fertile. Contact me with pictures...
  8. B

    I want to get you pregnant. Fife area.

    Handsome heterosexual black guy here for getting straight and unmarried sexy young females pregnant. I'm clean no STD/STI with proof, safe and confidential. If you want to get pregnant and you're married I don't want to know because if I do, we won't meet up. If you have a boy friend then...
  9. I call it stretching lol

    I call it stretching lol

  10. EricInternational

    Hello White Ladies, and friends everywhere

    Motto I play it cool I dig all jive That's the reason I stay alive My motto As I live and learn Is dig and be dug in return -Langston Hughes That poem above pretty much sums up just who I am. That poem above was written by one of America’s greatest writers, poets, and thinkers. It is a motto...
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