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  1. cuck boyfriend vs Dominant Bull  3°couple

    cuck boyfriend vs Dominant Bull 3°couple

    This white girl's obsessive desire was to get fucked senseless by her older black personal trainer, she felt sexual urges every time she saw him. Her lovely BF makes it happens for their Valentine's Day. She takes creampies all night from both of them (obviously the bull goes first)
  2. TriniBoi2018

    Anyone ladies/couples heading to East Africa ?

    Hello one and all, I'll start with a brief intro. Trinidadian, that now resides in East Africa. Ethiopia to be exact. Wanted to know if any ladies or couples are making plans to reach on this side ? Live/recent pics are available on request, drop me a line if it applies 🙌🏿
  3. Feeling dirty??

    Feeling dirty??

    Lets clean up together!!
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    Sent this to my gf while she was asleep yesterday morning😈
  5. Hard workout!

    Hard workout!

    Who wants to be my workout buddy?
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  7. D

    Verified Verify me

    Verify me dialahjajuan
  8. B

    Verified New Black male

    Please verify me as a real person Thank you
  9. Beefy Boston Daddy

    Beefy Boston Daddy

    Post cumshot pic of me
  10. O

    Attractive Black Man in Miami

    Hello! Intelligent and attractive black man in Miami interested in meeting more white and latina wives within the city. Open to a variation of play that is reasonably safe. I am STD free and want to remain that way. My ideal play partner will be intelligent, attractive, a pleaser, orally...
  11. PAWGs only

    PAWGs only

  12. HowAreYouDoin18 Pic #3

    HowAreYouDoin18 Pic #3

  13. HowAreYouDoin18 Pic #2

    HowAreYouDoin18 Pic #2

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    Staring at the gateway
  15. Pestis

    My Sexy Poltergeist

    My Sexy Poltergeist by JadeSteed A young woman has an otherworldly visitor. 7.3k words ---- I'vе nеvеr bеliеvеd in ghоsts оr thе supеrnаturаl; things thаt wеnt bump in thе night wеrе usuаlly humаns, оr pеrhаps rаndоm аnimаls. I аlwаys fеlt supеrnаturаl cоncеpts wеrе simply а wаy оf еxplаining...
  16. Mtnmandingo

    BBC Coming to Red Rocks in Denver 4/24

    I’m a 6’1 well built in great shape 195 pound attractive black man coming to Red Rocks in Colorado on Sunday 4/24. Seeking single women or couples looking for an extremely good servicing. I can host in up scale hotel near theater. Message if interested.
  17. K

    In London by the end of November

    Hello girls, I will be in London on vacay by the end of November (Possibly 22-27 November) I am 6'1, athletic physique ..Any women who would like to meet up can DM :blackheart::qos:
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    Closer look
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  20. Asian Cuckold

    Asian Cuckold

    Hubby asks his wife if her lover is deeper and better than him…he gets the dreaded/arousing answer you’d expect. ;)