black lovers

  1. M

    Any couples that love to share a black lover?

    are there any couples in this room who love to play with a black lover together at the same time? I would like to hear some of your stories.
  2. Maria2281975

    Should BBC cuckold wife wear lingerie for hubby??

    I have been in BBC cuckold relationship for almost six years. There have been a lot of fun, excitements, thrills and satisfaction. But sometimes there are confusions and frustrations too. One of those confusions and frustration is whether I should wear my lingerie for my cuckold husband as he...
  3. Hotwife DP

    Hotwife DP


    Wife's desire for black lovers after childbirth.

    As some of you know my wife gave birth several months ago. At the time I was concerned about the baby being mine and the possibility it would be a mixed race baby. To our great relief it turned out that I didn't need to worry and the boy is certainly mine. Since then Amie and I have enjoyed...
  5. Blonde wife shared with a Black Men

    Blonde wife shared with a Black Men

  6. JustHotWifeCouple

    Anyone interested in Black lovers parties in real? (Netherlands/Belgium)

    We were wondering if Any couples or black guys has experiences with black lover parties (Private/Clubs) in Netherlands Or Belgium? We usually attend parties in few locations (including private parties that we organise with our HUNG friends ;)) For us the best clubs for black lovers where: -...