black king

  1. 👑♠️🐇


  2. Sit back, relax and serve.

    Sit back, relax and serve.

  3. A*D*O*N*I*S


    Your new King , Daddy & Bull
  4. MagicMikeATX✨


    "Kneel before ZOD" ♠️👑
  5. Full body 👅

    Full body 👅

  6. Can you guess what happened next 💦

    Can you guess what happened next 💦



    Have you found a cool 🤴🏿 to serve and be feminine with ?
  8. King


    Standing tall for some sexy white pussy
  9. 🤴🏿 Essence

    🤴🏿 Essence

    She’s not happy unless my scent is all over after I leave😈
  10. cheswickMilf

    Hottest NFL kings

    Ladies, who’s the hottest king to play in the NFL in your opinion. LeVeon Bell is my pick 😍
  11. Ebony King

    Ebony King

  12. My


    I’m ready to be black bred by my King @DiscreetGent
  13. SemperDominus

    Seductive Acts

    As a dominant, it's my personality. Nothing "triggers my desire to dominate," as that is how I feel 24/7. Suppose you're asking what explicitly makes my body and mind yearn to enforce that dominance over a woman in real, tangible ways in a specific moment (rather than how you always feel in...
  14. Rimming A King 🤴🏿

    Rimming A King 🤴🏿

    My slut said I don’t have a need for toilet paper😈
  15. inferiorwhiteb

    To the ladies, what goes through your mind the moment a beautiful Black bull is about to nut in your mouth?

    I'd love to hear from actual snowbunnies, hotwives and QoS'
  16. littleKevin

    Any cucks from Europe for chat

    I would like to chat with all cucks about their girlfriends and black power, so hit me up in DM :)
  17. Swallow the corona cure

    Swallow the corona cure

    I eat healthy and detox often . There is no wonder your woman begs to swallow me. I send her back to you with a boosted immune system. Full vid onlyfans