1. StellaSaxx

    Trans/Sissy sucht black bull

    About me: -transsexuell (pre-op, pre-hrt) -Passive only -BDSM Submissive -into Bimbofication -love BBC Kennenlernvorraussetzungen? -mobil -besuchbar (in NRW?) -BDSMler -bestenfalls etwas langfristiges Kein Interesse an: -ONS -„ich will mal eine Transe ausprobieren“ -Tastenerotikern...
  2. E

    Deepfake, bimbofy, cumshop, webm, trans edit, etc…

    Hello all! I’m in search of your talented wizards that are good at fakes. Looking for anything listed in the title. Can’t wait to see what you all are able to do! Thanks in advance!
  3. 49CE7C56-1B9B-4920-BA14-7F001BE8AFA1.jpeg


    My breast as they are don’t fulfill the size I want in my desire to be a perfect bnwo bimbo cumslut
  4. Lild3m0nnn

    Young single white female 4Bnwo

    I’m new to platform recently pointed in this direction to chat with like minded people. Not really sure how this platform works either so any helpful information there would be useful to navigate this site. I’ve recently decided to start my journey into being the best blacked bimbo I can be ...