1. SemperDominus

    Kinky fun at Kamping

    I take out the rope, gag and blindfold. I put the blindfold & gag in place and start with the rope tie, which ends with her legs open and her right arm secured between her legs so she has hand movement to play. I walk out of the tent and return with someone in hand. She can hear 2 sets of...
  2. got her under a spell

    got her under a spell

    forgot to show this part, love it when she begs
  3. IMG_2821.MOV


    I love making her happy
  4. listen to her purr

    listen to her purr

    me and the vixen having fun while the cuck stays locked in frustration.
  5. 3895435.jpg


    What's a floozy whore like me gotta do for some HUGE black monster cocks?
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    girl was begging daddy to get got
  7. Young cuckold gf's message for her bull

    Young cuckold gf's message for her bull

    23 year old cuckold gf making a video for her bbc bull telling him how bad she needs bbc
  8. B

    Undercover Freaks ATL

    seeking those undercover freaks. Soccer mom during the day, then porn star slut at night. The freakier the better. Love to role play and call names, have you say “ fuck me harder with that bbc!!” While I’m squeezing and spanking your ass with my huge gorilla hands.
  9. ApexCode

    Hot Videos of Couples roleplay Discussing Cuckold

    im looking for videos where either the gf or bf ( hubby or wife ) suggest, talk about, discuss, prepare or convince the idea of cuckolding or swinging, i have some decent examples here: