1. She loves showing off her "I love bbc" tattoo

    She loves showing off her "I love bbc" tattoo

  2. Cumslut underwear

    Cumslut underwear

  3. Mike's New Toy

    Mike's New Toy

    In a 3 day stroking service. She says that she loves the way my cock feels inside her, that she finds herself thinking about me being inside her.
  4. Vickvonbbc Painting

    Vickvonbbc Painting

    Tell me, where would you receive this load!
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  6. IMG_7974.jpeg


  7. IMG_2830.jpeg


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  9. Summer is the season of fun

    Summer is the season of fun

    It's time to start looking for summer night fun)
  10. 797D8301-8489-41B5-A130-E47A2F07C8A9.jpeg


    Bull bait
  11. 618bbcslut

    Only thing my white mouth was made for BBC

    Swallowed every drop!!!
  12. FxGuru_20210628_060829.mp4


    I love giving ❤
  13. Good view

    Good view

    He wanted videos
  14. She Still At It.

    She Still At It.

    She's making up for missed time she said.
  15. She's been planning

    She's been planning

    She's been planning here visit for weeks. We've text a few times, just chatting about our likes and dislikes. I don't we even said a word pass"How Are you?" When she walked in the door. Really nice couple, really nice lady. Her husband wanted her to film. Of course I had to get a copy to share.
  16. From the archives

    From the archives

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  17. All Night With Jenny

    All Night With Jenny

    Her husband invited me to spend the night last night. Of course I said"Yes". She's been at it all night. She used protection when he's watching. We've been fuckin all night and started out with 3 condoms. It seems like he's lost count.
  18. A Hotel Quickie

    A Hotel Quickie

    I got a text asking if I was busy, could i meet her. This is what she wanted
  19. Of Cousre She Came Back For More.

    Of Cousre She Came Back For More.

    Yes she came back for more. She said in a early morning text, that her pussy was pulsing for cock. I told her to come on over. Her husband text asking for a better video. Great Guy. A husband that asks for a better view of you fucking his wife. He knows his place.
  20. IMG_20181006_183138_177.jpg


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