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  1. car bj.jpg

    car bj.jpg

    There was no way I was going to make it 20 min to his hotel with his big black dick throbbing in my hand. I had to get my lips all over that thing and suck it for all I was worth. I didnt care if he blew in my moiuth on th way, I just would have worked him up again but I was totally gong to suck it.
  2. MrPawgPounder

    Ladies, what is it about BBC that makes you enjoy sucking it?

    What goes through your mind when you stuff your mouth with BBC and start sucking? What is it that makes you want to get on your knees, put it in your mouth and start sucking?
  3. belicoso69

    First Time Sucking a BBC

    I was in a relationship with only one guy when I wanted to suck bbc for the first time. We already broke up with him then. I can't say I was obsessed with sucking bbc stories back then. I had no idea what it was. When I was in a relationship, I gained sexual experience and sucking cock. I can...
  4. I think I met the best hotwife

    I think I met the best hotwife

    Hotwife latinacuck951 from corona CA
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    Throat goat
  8. BJ.klc.jpg


    Sucking bbc is so fun I wish I could do it everyday

    I could watch her suck BBC all day long
  10. AZLatinCpl Getting BBC Ready.mp4

    AZLatinCpl Getting BBC Ready.mp4

    I loved watching him get my first BBC ready for me to suck. My husband was eager to see me put that BBC in my mouth. I think my husband was more nervous than I was. Would you like to see my lips wrapped around this BBC?
  11. L

    Sucking hard beautiful bbc in your mouth or the bbc fucking you deep in your pussy?

    Which one do you enjoy more?
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    Oral pleasure
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    His cock was beautiful. also his taste and smell.
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    Outdoor cock sucking
  15. White sub slut sucking bbc

    White sub slut sucking bbc

    Freaky white slut sucking some good bbc
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    Don't forget the balls
  17. submissive blonde girl 2

    submissive blonde girl 2

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    #throwback fun
  20. This girl def loves to give head and you can see the passion in her eyes

    This girl def loves to give head and you can see the passion in her eyes