bbc sissy

  1. CloudedBimbo

    Really want a slut dom gf!

    I'm 29, white, in LA or SGV area but ok with something online. I'm mobile, got a job, got life goals too! Just saying 😅 Always had a thing for slutty girls. Love seeing a girl in skimpy clothing, showing her off in public sharing her but at first I'd still fully Dom them. Sophomore year I...
  2. JoeyJayz

    I been trained by the most sadistic, uncompassionate, sexually wild Mistress! I love humiliation, degradation, Feminization, & BBC!

    Now my ex and I met 9 years ago I have been a cuck/sissy for a year now, ,the first 2 -3 years together she spent conditioning me, training me like a dog just so subtle that I didn't even see it till she told me about it! Then I was you typical Cuckold for 2 years then after that it just became...
  3. C

    BBC Chastity Sissygasm!

    Holy ******* this is so hot...the fact that he can’t hold it in and his girls reaction when he starts cumming....