bbc mating

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    Fertile broodmare Interesting, that I have alt speaking tone, but when I'm screaming during orgasms, I used to reach soprano level.
  2. deep in her marking my territory

    deep in her marking my territory

    that's one of my fave positions to breed a hotwife in.
  3. Nyfaett

    A Virgin Cuckold's Goal

  4. CuckKingNQueen

    Im getting my first cuckold bbc next weekend need some advice

    We have finally moved to cuckolding and hubby wants me to take my first bbc asap. We met a well hung guy and we were attracted to eachother. I got wet at the sight of his cock this weekend when we met and he showed me buto am a little scared and anxious. He is 8.5 inches long and about 2.5...