bbc florida

  1. LordGerthVador

    Cucking in Miami

    I've been getting quite a response from cucks, cuckwannabes, piggies it the heat that has so many cuck couples running rampant? I live on South Beach so I see it daily . Even tourist are showing their cuckiness. Perhaps I should stand on the sand or ocean drive with a BBC cuckold shirt .
  2. Untitled 10 1920x1080 8.51Mbps 2018-07-30 19-36-16.mp4

    Untitled 10 1920x1080 8.51Mbps 2018-07-30 19-36-16.mp4

  3. FloBull561


    I’m a single black male DISCREET, ACADEMICALLY EDUCATED and I don't do drugs. I take care of my body with good diet & exercise so stamina is not an issue. I don’t have issues respecting boundaries, I’d prefer we discuss those before we meet so as to guarantee everyone is respected and...
  4. up close and live..

    up close and live..

    it's for you..every inch made for your pleasure
  5. Happy Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday

    Nothing like waking up from a wet dream ready to give every inch of this cock to the women that desires it...
  6. on all fours

    on all fours

    I took charge and told her to get on all fours
  7. art of self pleasure

    art of self pleasure

  8. my bbc

    my bbc

    different angle
  9. my bbc

    my bbc

  10. Screenshot_2016-02-21-10-23-07.png


    Beautiful black cock
  11. 20160324_174647.jpg


    Beautiful black cock
  12. damestallion

    Stallion New to JAX FL

    Hello everyone. New here. Any SWF, MWF in Jacksonville, FL? Read my page for more info.
  13. FloBull561

    BBC IN SOUTH EAST FLORIDA (Palm Beach or Broward County)

    I'D PREFER SOMEONE CLOSE TO THE AREA (Palm Beach or Broward County) OR WILLING TO TRAVEL HERE. I stay in great shape so stamina is no issue nor do I have issues respecting boundaries. I am 100% straight with no exceptions, I HAVE ZERO INTEREST IN MEN. I'm a healthy and clean person seeking the...
  14. DoctorReal

    I'm new here and I need a little help.

    I'm new here and I'm wondering what kind of things I should post here and where. And how to meet and connect with couples and single women on here. I live in Orlando, fl. I'm 22 years old and I'm ready to mingle so hope to hear from a lot of you!
  15. She deserves...

    She deserves...

  16. H

    Erotic massage for wife

    My fantasy all started when we took a weekend trip from our WPB home to Miami to get a way. I ordered a surprise massage for her in her room. Seeing her get naked and put the towel on her got me extremely excited. Unfortunately it was a white masseuse and not an erotic massage. But it did get me...
  17. BBC for any Wifey

    BBC for any Wifey

  18. BBC in the am

    BBC in the am

  19. Kyle Rayner

    Orlando BBC for Slut

    Need my cock drained .... Looking for the throat specialists.. Those white girls who are on the DL about takin a black cock... Hit me up in Orlando... Come to me