1. Rencontre Black2-marked.mp4

    Rencontre Black2-marked.mp4

    Second time wife is being fucked by large BBC
  2. 5 days of paradise with her and hot sex that I will never forget.

    5 days of paradise with her and hot sex that I will never forget.

    I really wanted to meet this goddess for over a year, but she was on the opposite side of the world. She finally decided to give it a try, and I hopped on long flight to see her.
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    Wife’s beautiful Asian booty.
  6. MrAtlas

    Young Black male currently in South Korea.

    Hi All, New here, the military wanted me in Korea so I'm here until Uncle Sam decides to send me away again. Before I found myself in this new and beautiful county I was in the states and actively engaged in the lifestyle. I found it to be fun and exciting. Haven't had a bad experience yet...
  7. teracatalina

    AMWF / Asiatischer Bulle. Bitte keine Tastenwichser! Nur ernstgemeinte Anfragen!

    Hallo, Längere Bull Erfahrungen habe ich bereits gemacht als ich mit 2 Pärchen das Vergnügen hatte den Bull gespielt hatte. Einmal 9 Monate lang und einmal 3 Wochen, beides sehr intensiv, anfangs mehrmals die Woche, danach wöchentlich. Kürzere One-Night-Stands hatte ich bereits mit 2 weiteren...
  8. Pinay Bbc Training 4.jpg

    Pinay Bbc Training 4.jpg

    Training for her first BBC with an 8" Caramel Doc Johnson
  9. @ThaiQoS Getting Permanently Branded as Thai Queen of Spades

    @ThaiQoS Getting Permanently Branded as Thai Queen of Spades

    Contact me if interested in seeing more!
  10. Liz Zie

    Any Bulls in SE Asia?

    American BBW living and working in SE Asia here... I've found there to be a lack of bulls in the area. Willing to travel in SE Asia for some fun. :) Please respond here with location and any other relevant info. xoxox
  11. B

    My hot asian wife

    Hi all. I am married to a hot young asian wife.. trying to get her into letting other guys fuck her etc.. How does she look to everyone