1. 7NDO_0817 copy.jpg

    7NDO_0817 copy.jpg

    Does this turn you on?
  2. “I love my big black cock daddy”

    “I love my big black cock daddy”

    Dirty talking while she cums on her favorite toy
  3. Ready for breeding 1

    Ready for breeding 1

  4. She’s dreaming of BBC

    She’s dreaming of BBC

  5. Is she built for it?

    Is she built for it?

  6. QoS Hotwife Getting Fucked By Her BF

    QoS Hotwife Getting Fucked By Her BF

  7. QoS Anklet

    QoS Anklet

    If you saw me wearing this would you say hi?

    Even got an anklet with my initial
  9. travelingcucko

    New Years Eve plans

    What is everyone up this NYE? We’re going out clubbing hoping to find a BBC. She’ll be wearing a skimpy dress and her favourite QOS anklet. we played with the idea of wearing a cage and having her wear a plug but realistically it will get *very* uncomfortable after an hour 😂 so skimpy dress...
  10. travelingcucko

    Queen of Spades starting pack

    You know you’re married when she’s got this in her closet! What’s your hotwife/ QOS starting pack?
  11. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    Wife and her anklet

    It had been at least ten years since I last shared a long hidden, burning fantasy of mine with my wife, Lynda. My dream of seeing her on another man's big cock, stretching her to the limit, obsessed me; but the idea repulsed and offended her. "Why would you want me to do that? That's just sick...
  12. Vacation 20_02 HW RedHeel.jpg

    Vacation 20_02 HW RedHeel.jpg

    HotWife on vacation
  13. Taking BBC.jpg

    Taking BBC.jpg

    Love fucking black cock with my heels on!
  14. Working out with my anklet

    Working out with my anklet

    Had a ton of fun working out with my anklet on at the gym and around town in Sarasota, FL. Tons of white guys noticed, wasn't any black men at the gym that day, but maybe you'll notice me around ;)
  15. IMG_4823.jpg


    Anklet Slut Wife
  16. QOS Anklet

    QOS Anklet

    Queen's Anklet
  17. E8C35B78-A6EA-468C-9366-0698C14F944D.jpeg


  18. IMG_20201206_125034807.jpg


    Wife's pussy with pantyhose, heels and anklet
  19. IMG_20201206_174153874.jpg


    Wife's feet, anklet, and pussy with pantyhose
  20. Legs Wrapped.mp4

    Legs Wrapped.mp4

    Finally getting fucked by @Anthony Hopson again, for the third time. He made her scream and cum multiple times during their 4 hour hotel room date. If you look closely, you can see the key to her cuckold's cage hanging off her QOS anklet.