1. WorshipBBC3

    A question for the bulls/alphas...

    I want to hear how some of you alpha males feel: My main question would be, do you get pleasure out of cuckolds and other men wanting to give you their woman? How does it make you feel? (Proud, strong, dominant, important, in-control etc) Another question I have is, would you prefer to have...
  2. StPeteBlkman

    Alpha BBC For White Wife for Possible LTR

    Alpha African-American Professional man, early 50's, easy on the eyes, very affectionate, good kisser, very oral. Hope to find some females to have good fun with in the St Pete area.
  3. Borncuckold

    The future of cuckolding. Part One

    From time to time I see blogs that "hate" on white men and talk about genocide. I think that is terrible and not something I am into at all. In fact I would like to offer a better plan in the form of a fantasy about the future. First, society needs to become female dominate and female focused...
  4. Sam&Kay

    I told my bf I want a Dom

    Some day soon I too want a Dom in our relationship. I told my bf Sam at the very beginning having a Dom was something I absolutely want to have in our relationship, because well, though he's a Dom himself there are things that he just cannot master well by himself. Because his love for me seem...