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    Slim body, milky alabaster white ivory skin, pure & fair. Round supple, perky breast, with pink, nicely shaped areola, squeezable for abuse. Ass curvy smooth, full to take a spanking. Body tappers off nicely to my waist. Swollen type vagina, with very soft pinkish lips, tight to give resistance but stable enough for continuous hard fucking. Off the pill

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    no limits whatsoever... I want to be punished. Fantasize about rough violent sex, choking, slapping my face, spreading my legs until its painful, complete disregard & disrespect for my slender body. Tossing me around, pulling, biting, smacking my breast and abusing my nipples by tugging them hard, pinching them. Aggressively harass my alabaster white boobs, grip my tits until they are hurting and tender. It is my biggest turn on to have my boobs in pain. Humiliate me by ruining my pretty makeup with you cum coated manhood, rubbing it all over my face and slapping it against my cheeks. I cannot stress enough how badly you need to make me cry. Tears running down from my eyes, my body trembling, cum dripping from my mouth, sperm spread all over my privileged white face

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