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  • We definitely have something in common with our small dicks getting even smaller due to not ever getting to have sex. Just keep holding out with your wife and sooner or later she will stray off for some hopefully black dick.
    Hi there kenny!

    Good for you for embracing this lifestyle. My ex used to share a couple of BBCs together.
    It was soooo erotic, both being treated to the rod!!!
    I think many cuckolds crave this deep down, part of it they live out by watching their woman take on studs!

    Take care and hope you both get waht you want?
    Hi, Thanks for stopping bi and hope you leave a note to releive you and service your needs.
    just a thought, I never had blk cock ? I don't think my sexy wife has either.
    She doesn't even want to have sex with me or other men so far but she may change her mind
    once she gets hot and horney again. Even knowing my small cock is less
    than 4". I've told her pick anyone to fuck and they will have a bigger satisfying cock. She still
    says "no". This is my curse. Any suggestions to help me change her mind and start fucking
    other men and black men with big cocks. I think once she does she'll get hooked.
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