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Another couple searching for a BBC. Feb 19, 2016

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    6'1" (185cm)
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    So, we're at the stage I suspect a lot of people on here are at. My and my wife have been together for twenty years. We done all the dressing up stuff and then progressed to fantasies and she turned around and said she always wanted a BBC. I never though she would say that type of thing as she is a straight-laced type, all prim and proper.

    But, I have got to say I found it a massive turn on. I was always attracted to girls who girls with reputations as a younger man and still find the though a turn on. So, I started reading stories about it, watching videos and every time we fuck I would bring it up and it has really given our love life and relationship a big boost. We're like newly weds again, only now we're talking dirty, nasty stuff to each other. It's such a turn on.

    Even just going shopping can turn into an erotic adventure Eg, walking around the supermarket a while back there was black guy who fitted the bill for our fantasy. I pointed him out and whispered in her ear " I'm going to go over and ask him to come back to our place and fuck you all day." She give me this really sexy but defiant stare and just said " Go on then." I marched right over to him and flashed a glance back at my wife who had her arms crossed and head tilted at a cheeky angle that nearly gave me a hard-on right there and as her eyes grew as big as a disney princess I stopped next to him and started looking at food on the shelves, gave my wife a stare - I could feel the sexual tension in the air - then just turned around and trotted back to her. The look on her face was priceless as she said " I knew you wouldn't. You're all talk" I spit back quickly " Well you do it then." Another one of them looks came my way and she leaned into my ear and whispered all sexy " Ok. Watch me." And off she trotted. Right over to him. She stopped next to him and started talking straight away. My heart was beating like crazy. I couldn't believe it. I was to far away to hear what was being said, but then the guy reached up to the top shelf and picked up a box of cereal off the it and handed it to my wife. She gave him the biggest smile, thanked him, which I could tell even from a distance and as she did she touched him on the forearm and I did actually get a hard on in the middle of the shops with old women clomping past me. She put the cereal in the trolley and moved on and as she did the guy checked out her arse as she did and when she got to the end of aisle she turned back and gave him a really sexy glance. Well, fifteen minutes later we were in bed screwing like teenagers in the back seat of their dad's car. A great day. That's what this fantasy does to us.

    Anyone wanting a chat please feel free to drop us a line.